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Hello All, I'm Dylan Moore, I'm 19 and I am from a very Tiny Town ( It isn't even on the map!) Growing up in such a small Area there isn't a whole lot to do, so naturally what is a young lad to do? Answer : Video Games! Some of my earliest memories from Childhood are begging my grandma and papaw to get out my mom's old Atari 2600, Complete with Asteroids, Basketball, Boxing, Breakout,Centipede, etc, etc. What More could A Child longing for Nostalgia want than Arcade Cabinet games from the '70s/'80s in their Families living room? My next big Gaming memory is my Uncle giving me his NES with Mario and Pro Wrestling and R.B.I. Baseball I loved it. Then about a year or 2 later My grandma and parents each bought my twin and I a SNES/Sega Mega Drive. Oh the hours I played Power Rangers and Super Mario Allstars/World. Then After dabbling in PC games for a few years with a new CD - ROM. We got the PS1 When I was about 8 or 9 years old. I've played more EA Sports NBA LIVE/NFL Madden on that thing than anything else. Gradually we Got an N64, ( Around 2000) But just played WWE Revenge and Namco Classics mainly. Then Came Christmas '01. Gamecube and Madden for Christmas! Few years later I was all Mario out and Wanted a DVD player. So I got an PS2 = GTA: SA. Then I went through about 4 360's and Finally got a PS3...