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In North West Tennessee, where I am from, most of the Girls who play games have no idea about video games and they think the Wii or NES/SNES/N64 Consoles are the pinnacle of gaming. If any Women gamer's are willing to prove me wrong in my  stereotypical assumptions about  girl's and gaming send me a PM ( Private Message) . I would love to talk to a girl who loves videogames, girls around here who do mostly just like a certain genre and are not what I consider a gamer. 

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Hey, I am a Teen living with Cerebral Palsy  And I was wondering if there are anymore disabled gamers here? Or if you know a Disabled person. I've been playing one handed style since before I could talk plain. And I kick everyone's ass in a let's - be - fair - and - YOU - Use ONE hand match up. For those of you who do not know what Cerebral Palsy is there should be a link at the bottom.

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Dear Bombermen/Women, 
Hey, I am Just lettin' the WWW.COM Know that I am writing my first of hopefully many blogs here. I joined Giant Bomb.com Because I rather enjoy Jeff, Ryan, Brad and Vinny's take on videogames and respect their thoughts on things and that they will tell me John Q. Videogamer weather a game is Bull or not. 
Well tis late,
Peace Sells but Who's Buyin'?  - 124AM