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Does this surprise anyone?

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Never heard of them.

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I hope it can only get better from here. I dug the look and feel of the Aliens game, and despite being mounted, a Pulse Rifle's a Pulse Rifle, know what I mean? I just didn't like it conceptually. I mean, I've always been an Alien over Aliens kind of guy (and there are only two movies in that franchise, okay? Okay.) and really didn't like how one of cinema's most terrifying monsters became nothing but easily-gibbable cannon fodder. Still, pretty fun game! Uses the license well, sticks to the theme, and is real fast-paced.

Mobile games masquerading as arcade cabinets is pig-disgusting and that microtransaction thing sounds deplorable. Are we talking "put in more tokens for more in-game stuff," here, or, like, cutting to the chase and just dropping in money?

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This is outstanding. Thanks for all the work!

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Sure. Years ago, I was walking down the street once and a nice red car drove past me. My right middle finger instinctively twitched as I was playing GTA III at the time and had mapped the right mouse button to Enter/Exit Vehicle.

More recently, I was nearly hit by a car, and my first instinct was to block it rather than get out of the way. Too much Street Fighter, I guess.

As a kid, my mind was blown when I tried that SMB2 USA "crouch and then jump to jump super high" trick and it worked. Granted, I wasn't flashing like the game's characters, but you get what I mean.

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Bebop is outstanding, and if you're not able to appreciate it, maybe something by 4Kids would be more your style.

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I think modern Nintendo could benefit from the game industry as a whole.

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This seems like the sort of thing that would've been a UT or HL2 mod years ago, not a $70 game. Yikes.

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Sure, to a certain extent. People who take things too seriously tend to sap the fun out of things, and not just games. Folks who treat Smash Bros. as a SERIOUS BUSINESS legitimate fighting game instead of the fun party experience it was has ruined that entire scene for me, and any interest in that franchise's future.

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I think you'd probably have a much more enjoyable experience with Double Dragon Neon, personally. This collection seems... half-assed, at best.