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This is incredible. I'd love to see more of the Bomberduders done in this style. Holy crap, man.

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Love the Logitech MX518; used it for about a decade. It still works; I've just upgraded to the Logitech G400s, which is basically the new MX518. I think it even says that much right on the box.

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Hey duders,

not trying to troll or be a jerk, but how does this game aim to reduce player toxicity through design? The wiki article isn't written yet and I'm curious as to what the team behind Strife are planning.

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My lawyer tells me that I'm supposed to say it was an accident.

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Holy crap, I remember when they played that song on the Bombcast back in... what, 2008? Pure radness.

Bury my heart at Giant Bomb, duders. I love all you guys in a socially-acceptable heteronormative way (but I'm willing to make exceptions if that's too boring).

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I wouldn't want to ensure humanity's continued existence for ten thousand years. That's just a dick move to the planet.

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Oh man, that Alex... I eagerly anticipate someone making a town with only Giant Bomb staff Miis, and colleagues of theirs. Ryan and Lang in a rap battle would be next-level baller.

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Holy crap, this is goddamn delectable. You Can't Beat Mr. Domino? Shit, I'd forgotten all about that. And whistling the Bombcast tune? Absolutely stellar. Well done, duder!

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Reporting in from:

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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You are already dead.