If Teddy can become a real boy, apparently, so can Seaman.

It is hard to be skeptical towards this game knowing the reputation of its creator.

But... we all know what kills games like this: 1) The product not recognizing your lazy mumbling on the couch as opposed to the stage woman's voice that the game was built to work with. 2) Finding out the interactivity is nothing more than a menu for a set of minigame scenarios. 3) Running out of new choices and having the game try to subliminally make you think you wanted to do what it only was capable of. For instance...

"Hey Milo, wanna go ride bikes?" (Bikes are not a minigame.)

"Hello, your name, would you like to skateboard today?" (Skateboarding is.)

"Milo, lets just go to the mall."

"What a lovely day to play baseball." (You're supposed to say yeah, so a baseball minigame loads.)

"No." (Processor halts, disc stops spinning, fan quiets. Boy stands still staring at you waiting for a new command.)

"Lovely day for a walk in the park, inin' it?"

"I want to go to the friggen zoo." (Game isn't programed to recognize "zoo.")

"What do you want to do today, your name?"

"Look at animals."

"My favorite animal is the snail..."

"What the hell?" (You say to roomate watching you play the game.)

"My favorite animal is the snail because they're..."

"This is stupid."

"My favorite animal is the snail..."

(Shuts off Xbox.)