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I couldn't care less about Dota 2, but participating in the chat is always a good time. You duders are never not hilarious.

The chat is way too much for me, I can't handle it. It's uncivilized.

If it really is true that this'll go away once everybody's back in the office and content is coming at a more steady pace, then I don't have a problem with it. But it still begs the question, what if this time was put towards exploring games that wouldn't get air time on the site any other way. If Patrick starts making less content, that'll be a huge hit to most if not all indie coverage on the site.

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@dudeglove: This is exactly how I feel. watching high level game play is one thing, but but Brad has never been particularly good at video games. I have a hard time watching him ever since the trials QL and TNT.

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I've definitely noticed the crew trying to pick up slack on video content lately, but Daily Dota? I hardly consider that quality content. There's the argument that it's simply supplemental content, and I need not watch it. I totally understand that, but I'm worried that this'll become a trend. For one, unedited long form content is hard enough to pull off, and second, I'm not sure Dota is the platform to create it with. This falls into the same category of endurance runs, it's a whole heck of a lot of content of one game. Imagine if Brad spent an hour playing a different indie game every day, that would probably make for some of the best content Giant Bomb has ever seen.

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The Scourge Project

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@living4theday258: EA is a gigantic offender of horrible business practices. It should be obvious why anyone dislikes Origin/EA at this point, so why should I waste my time explaining it? If I am satisfied with the way a company does business, I will support them without a second thought. Refer to the gold medal on my avatar, and thiswebsite for more info.

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@Atramentous said:

The saddest shit is knowing that todays youth thinks taking advantage of someone elses mistake is ok and should be expected.

lol "today's youth"? Whether it's a mistake or not, taking advantage of a broken coupon is hardly a criminal offense. I'll bet that every single person in this thread has violated a EULA or ToS at least once in their life time; why are you allowed to pretend you're better than everyone else. Have you ever gone to the grocery store twice within the same week to get more than the per person limit on a sale item? Same thing. It's the difference between sitting back and doing nothing, and capitalizing on the opportunities that lay in front of you.

Personally I like to consider myself an opportunist, because the world isn't fair so why should I be?

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@ripelivejam: @Cloudenvy: @Joker369:

Theft? Gross? I don't think so, I was early to the party and took advantage of a mistake in EA's system. As far as I'm concerned EA can go ahead and ban all of the people who exploited and I'd consider it a better outcome than the current. I can't tell you how much I despise origin, yet these past few days I've had the client open 24/7 and have actually been playing games on it. The fact of the matter is though, that I still would never spend a dime on origin that I didn't have to, the only games I own exclusively on Origin are SW:TOR and BF3, which I could both live without. So just in case someone from EA is reading this: Go ahead, ban me bro! Watch me buy another EA game at full price after that.

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@PaneraBread said:

Some people are pissed at the EA forums

Sweet. +rep for EA, I'll be enjoying my games.

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My haul.

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Maybe duders just happen to like the color pink a hell of a lot more than everybody else. Either that or no one short of a douchebag is going to wear a shirt with expletives on it.