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When I was ages 8-15 I played games for enjoyment. I now play games for experience.

My very first game I played had to be Kirby's Adventure on the Gameboy. After that I was just involved with everything Nintendo. I didnt own a SNES but after waiting, my brother managed to get the N64. Played games like Goldeneye and Perfect Dark.

During this time we had a very old computer, the likes that was still Windows 93. My brother had torrented games unto that PC. I didnt care, because I was a kid. I played games such a Doom I & II, Aladdin, Duke Nukem (2d sidescroller ones....yea those were THE shit!), and my favorite Dune II.

He then bought the PSX which was really a different console for the like of me. I was so scared of it because of games like Final Fantasy and Resident Evil, because they were more serious games than any on the N64. I quickly conquered my fears and started playing the PSX. My favortie game on that system, hands down, was Castlevania: Sympathy of the Night.

At the brink of PS2 and Xbox I had dug up my brother's trash bin. I had found a Sega Dreamcast and rushed to my room to play it. Noticing this, my brother had given me his library of games that came with it. I had bought my own VMU (awesome awesome device!). I wasnt a kid nor a chicken anymore, so I was able to play games such as Resident Evil 3 and Code Veronica. My favorite game on that system was Quake 3 Arena (yes shut up...the PC one was better but I was a kid) and Unreal Tournament. Cant tell you enough about the memories I had by playing those games on Thanksgiving morning and playing them all day long while having my Momm's tamales.

I then proceeded to buy the Xbox all for myself. I dont really remember as to why I bought that rather than the PS2 but hey it was a good console. I immediatly bought Halo and grew rather fond of it. My brother was the only one who managed to buy Halo 2 with online. Gotta say, that was a pinnacle point in my childhood.

I was in 8th grade and the Xbox 360 had already launched. I was saving up all the money I had, going so far as to selling my Nintendo DS Lite (I regret selling those handheld Castlevanias) to get the Xbox. I got it in no time but got the Arcade Version. Comes with a memory card (which is still the best way to move your profile console to console) and Arcade games in a disc. But my very first game I play (because fuck that Arcade disc compilation) was Dead Rising and oh man did I have a hell of a time on that game. Then I bought Left 4 Dead and Bioshock. By far, this was the point of my gaming career that I had switched gears into actually looking at reviews before I buy. I still think to THIS DAY, that Dead Rising is still the one of the best Xbox 360 exclusive despite its flaws.

Now, I am getting to the 20s and starting to play games with an artistic point of view. Not in a hippie nor revolutionist way, but in a gamer way. In other words, I can say with full confidence that video games are art.