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I find it absolutely disturbing that people are defending this game and saying that it isn't dog crap.

Look I've played games that get flamed on all the time. I don't judge till I play them. I loved The Saboteur and Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts. Would I tell you they aren't as bad as reviewers say? No. Because the faults are still there but me as a gamer avoid them as much as possible or tolerate them.

Resident Evil 6 is a different beast from Resident Evil 5. Resident Evil 5 WAS a step back from Dead Space but it still had the story and plot from the previous 4 RE titles.

Resident Evil 6 tries to appeal to the West by including jets, overpowered melee, Micheal Bay, excessive God of War QTEs, and Uncharted moments where you run toward the screen. All of these elements play poorly. Like Brad, if you play the game long enough you'll be able to be really good at the game...but that doesn't mean it's ok. Like a bad teacher that teaches horribly but you still come up with your own system to understand the teacher. In the end the teacher is terrible.

If Resident Evil 6 was more of Resident Evil 5 that would be awesome. Capcom saw the numbers that games like Uncharted, God of War, Call of Duty, and Gears of War. They wanted some of those numbers (somewhat succeeded because they got 4.5 million units sold) but ended up making a beast that tries WAY to hard to become its counterparts.

In the end, Resident Evil 6 is a step-back from Resident Evil 5. All its iterations become more like a chore and it becomes exhausting to play.

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I blame the game. The game is just so janky when it comes to actually playing it.

When Brad was playing it with others to watch. The things that irritate ANY GAMER began to erupt. Brad trying his hardest to be compotent but the GAME itself is really bad when it comes to playing it.

The issue of him missing the dog happens to ALL OF US! When you play a game for HOURS and HOURS(especially a bad one at that) you tend to start playing poorly because you say "man forget this game."

I remember times in Lollipop Chainsaw and Duke Nukem Forever that I was playing terribly but that was because I just had enough of the game's BS.

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Yea thanks for tips guys. I went to Training and tried seeing how to counter the moves. Its kinda weird because in DOA 5 some attacks look like they hit my nuts but are considered HIGH.

I tried fighting another spammer but he was lagging. So I couldnt really do much with that. I have been sidestepping and it really helps! My Hitomi is back on track! :)

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I roll my German cutey Hitomi and I always get a Ryu Hayabusa player. Every time I get in a game with a Ryu they do the cheap teleportation stance to either

-throw me

-kick me

-teleport behind me

-psych me out and combo me

I also sometimes encounter A LOT of Brad Wongs who spam his lying back kicks. No matter how many times I inspect the hit angles, I never am able to counter it. My Hitomi relies on force and not on speed. So when I fight a Ryu or Brad, she has a bit of a start up time to do it.

It also doesn't help that these people have internet that makes it seem they're playing from a missile-silo.

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There are people online who are terrible at the game but have these costumes. When I try my hardest...I get blown up.

I even try my Hitomi's <--P+K exploit and it only gets me as far as the 5th stage.


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I listen to the reasoning of the score and try to validate what they said with the score. Sometimes when I watch an IGN or Gamespot video review they seem to praise the game only to see it get a low score. The negatives they list are barely mentioned.

So I just go with the other party. Normal individual websites that give honest opinions. Hell I sometimes even go to forums :)

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For me it is The Saboteur. I understand the faults for it but the story, music, and style were amazing.

I guess another one would be Dark Sector, it was a thrill ride and I often ask my self why its like 5 bucks.

Hyperdimension Neptuna. I have been playing it for less than an hour but I'm already starting to like characters and music.

Super Robot Taisen Saga: Endless Frontier why was this never as appreciated? I LOVED the fighting system and the interactions with the characters.

X-Men Wolverines: Origins. One movie tied game that I was able look past its flaws because the ride was pretty fun.

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. This was my very first GBA game and I guess it came and went because the overall game was EXTREMELY dark and I couldn't see anything with the standard GBA.

Marble Blast Ultra. A game that I can literally take 30 min to beat ONE level and have an awesome time with.

Dino Crisis. Why wasnt this game as popuas RE2? It used a lot of the same mechanics and was extremely suspenseful. A very complicated game but in a satisfying way. To this day I cannot beat.

Rival Schools. Capcom bring this series back! I miss Batsu! I loved this game to death and found it extremely fun. Remake this game or put it to HD!

Sonic Adventure. For what it's worth, I have the best memeries with this game as a child.

Jet Set Radio series. They merely came and went. I'm super happy for the HD remake, as long as they include the music I am fine!

Zombie Revenge. Oh my God did I have the greatest time with this game! Re-release it and take all my money!

Duke Nukem. I cant remember which ones these were but the ones where it seemed very 8-bit. Before Duke had glasses. I played these on the PC and had an amazing time with them as a child.

Have plenty more but I'll save my fingers...

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Wow, um where to start?

-Left 4 Dead 2 - overall the same mechanics from L4D1 were being stale and I found myself not coming back to it as often I did with the original.

-Devil May Cry 2- really? I can beat the whole game with just shooting?

-Bioshock 2 - why did you have to revisit rapture? All the diarys felt boring and plus I already knew the end.

- Castlevania Lords of Shadow and Castlevania HD - both could have been amazing. A 3D God of War withe the variety of monsters!? Yes!...oh wait...its only like 4 enemy types. HD could have been the Metroidvania we were all looking for...to bad it was wayyyyy to boring.

-Worms(anything after Worms 2) - jesus...they all felt the same! What was the point of playing these anymore!?

-Mortal Kombat: Armagedeon - Great a HUGE ass roster with bland generic characters. The story was all fucked up...but hey the opening cutscene was pretty cool.

-Doom 3 - all the hype for it was lost the second I got the shotgun.

-Marvel vs Capcom 3 - the most barebones fighting game ever...doesnt Japan get it? Multiplayer isnt the only thing we should pay 60$ for....and dont get me fucking started with UMvC3

-Street Fighter x Tekken - worst culprit of hiding shit we paid for, to the point of killing the game. Never before have I felt slapped in the face when I bought that game.

-Nintendo - I grew up with them. The Wii was a dissappointment that became a dumping ground for minigame hell(the only good games were the ones by Nintendo which were few and far between) and its 2012, they're barely getting hd. While the new consoles will go higher resolution...as Vinny said "I used to trust you"

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(Ultimate)Marvel vs Capcom 3...nuff said.

Both versions lacked content. They didnt compare ANYTHING to Mortal Kombat, as far as getting your money's worth.