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Every time I hear one of my favorite upcoming titles has been delayed, I hear the voice from Fire On High (ELO, kids) saying 'Push back, push back, push baaaaaack...' I hate it when games get delayed. Anyone want to guess how many times Mafia II has been delayed. I about went insane when Modern Warfare 2 scared everybody out of there release windows. Now, I don't mind when it's for quality. But when you delay for quality, set a release date, then delay multiple times again for the same reason, it's obvious that something is wrong. It doesn't add up. More than that, I hate the blatant lies. You're going to try to tell me that LA Noire is coming out in November when there hasn't a been gameplay footage, pre-order specs, bonuses or info on the game officially from Rockstar (GI had an interview. Then Edge Mag had an interview which slated the game for Spring 2011.)  GI did a Max Payne 3 reveal in July of 2009. The game just got pushed back again into 2011. It's clear that big titles like that aren't going to become Vaporware, but when they can announce Halo: Reach in June of '09 and release when they say they're going to release (I'm assuming that it's gonna be a great game), it makes me want to buy from the dev more. It really does. Rockstar's stuff is too good for me to pass up, but if, say, SEGA started pulling this shit (which they did) I wouldn't buy their games. And for this reason, along with the fact that the game was crap, I didn't buy Alpha Protocol. If it had come out in October 2009 I would have bought without reading the review like I did with Halo 3.  
*stops ranting to breathe* 
*takes breath* 
Those of you who are reading this, take a minute to comment all the games you've been upset over for delays. I have a list on IGN that tells me info on when my games have shipped, and there are games that have been on there since their official announcement, or even since first gameplay, that have not shipped. I'm talking fucking 2006. The Outsider. 2 Days To Vegas. This Is Vegas. Granted, those games look like total crap now. But when they were released, they look good. If they're dead, just say so! I care about HEI$T and Necessary Force more than i do the delayed games I just listed. By the time your game ships, people have moved on. Your concept's been used. Your game is a heaping pile of shovelware. But what I think it is more of is wanting to get the buzz out there. You want hype, you want people to notice. Announce it early and slap a fake release date on there and people will eat it up, right? Your local marketing department apparently does not understand the concept of patience vs. anticipation. I would be much more compelled to buy a game like Reach that gets announced while it's in development, rather than sit through transparent release dates waiting for the dev to finish the game. 
Jesus, look at all that bitching and moaning. I need to do a blog about my love of Grunts.

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Fort Knox Gaming

What is it with game developers? Take, for instance, Rockstar. They announced L.A. Noire in 2006 (I think). I was very excited for that game. That was when I was 16. Another good example is AGENT. I don't own a PS3, but the game sounds interesting. Now it's been six months and all we know is that it's an espionage game from the Cold War era. NOTHING ELSE. I'm fine with the whole teaser idea, but after six months, new information should come out. Four years is unacceptable. For a big dev like Rockstar, it's not a problem. Any game that they release is going to be bursting at the seams with hype. But for some of the less-successful ones, such as Deep Silver, people forget about the game. When it finally does come around, people stop for a second and say, "They actually made that game?" So come on; for the true gamers, the ones that really want to hear about your next epic, put out some info. For those interested, however, Rockstar claims to finally be shedding light on L.A. Noire this February.  
       Not that anyone is actually reading this.


Retrospective Gaming

I think it's pretty apparent that most people are going to be playing Modern Warfare 2 for a very long time. It should be no surprise - there are still a sizeable amount of people playing the original. I've grown tired of Halo, but I still pop in Crackdown every once in a while, and that's a 2008 hit. I'm still working on AC2's "The Truth." But 2010 is going to be huge, hopefully. I'm looking forward to it for the under-hyped games: Alpha Protocol, I Am Alive, Ride To Hell, APB, Red Dead Redemption and others. Don't get me wrong - I'm going to spend hours with Bioshock 2 and Splinter Cell, but I want the ones that, apparently, no one else does. 
        Until they come, I'll be collecting feathers.

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