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Apparently, Mr. Crazy Voss did not. Trust your instinct Voss, they were bullshitting you. Did anyone else catch this? I mean, really? Do some research.

1. the condition of being insane, a derangement of the mind. 
2. Law . such unsoundness of the mind as affects legal responsibility or capacity. 
3. Psychiatry . (formerly) psychosis. 
And to further prove my point: 
1. not sane, not of sound mind. 
2. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a person who is mentally deranged. 
3. utterly senseless. 
So, Mr. Voss, which idiot told you the definition of insanity? 
Please note: I'm just doing this to be an ass. Certainly there will be some prick explaining to me that he gave the correct definition; I don't really care. But did anyone else catch this?

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I predict you'll be moving from island to island on a boat or a raft or something and out of the silent darkness emerges... 

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Team LAG has an out of the map glitch that's pretty good, if you're into the type of thing. As far as my playthrough goes, the only glitch I encountered was following a street crime where my gun was never holstered once the case finished. Despite my initial excitement, it was simply in Phelps's hand and could not be aimed nor fired.  
Team LAG's out of the map:  

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@EVO said:

It reinforces Kelso's good nature.

I'd say its point is more towards this. We're left at the end with a character we spent a decent amount of time with (and as) who throughout the game has been portrayed as an opposite of Phelps. The ending scene, in which Elsa slaps Jack's hand away and declares that he was "never Cole's friend" leaves us with the possibility that the lack of friendship with the protagonist makes Jack less of a respectable character. I think the end scene is just prove to us once again that Jack is a good person, despite his differences with Cole. As BIggs declares, though Kelso was never Cole's friend, he was never his enemy.
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That's kind of a staple of noir, though. I also was not fond of the "we're not going to give you a happy ending because that's what you expect," but noir is a morally ambiguous genre. It's not the type of style where character flaws emerge and get resolved. One of the main emotional motivations of noir (from my perspective) is the reality that people don't change. If Phelps had survived, it would have been nice, but then you're playing as an adulterer and again, a morally ambiguous character. The way I see it, Phelps's death was the best resolution Team Bondi could give in typical noir fashion. Short of letting him survive and miraculously being re-accepted by his wife and children despite his behavior, it's the only way Phelps's is allowed a solid conclusion.

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This looks absolutely terrible. Interesting concept, though. I mean, I've played CS mods that play and look better than this.

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I still call the Xbox motion controller Natal, and henceforth Wii U shall be known as Café.

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sexy new video player, sexy new font, sexy new homepage, but still, it's change, so I'll hate for a week before I can't live without. it looks sexy. did i mention sexy?

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@JasonR86: I just wanted to say, I've never even heard of another Oceansize fan, and Music For A Nurse is one of the most incredible modern songs I've ever heard. All the effects and everything come to this really great climax. If you haven't heard it, look it up.
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Although I don't condone this sort of harmful hacking, you must admit that these guys are FUCKING LEGENDS.