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@psychohead: Reading your post may have made my day a little better. Thank you.

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I really loved the game and this interview. This guy sounds incredibly passionate and I can't wait to see what they do next.

I got all my friends with PC's to buy this and they all loved it too.

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Doesn't make sense. How many people are going to buy an Apple product for just this game? Does anyone buy ipads or iphones for just the games? Seems like a waste.

Small, constant reinstatements can be as powerful as a "system seller".

Someone may not go out and buy a new phone for it, but it could be one of the sparks that help make that person's decision next time they're upgrading.

I agree but this MUST have costed an enormous amount and it is just one game. Everyone I know bought their iphones to "keep up with the Jones's" so to speak. All the people who bought Android did so because they appreciate tech a little more deeply. Neither for the games.

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Doesn't make sense. How many people are going to buy an Apple product for just this game? Does anyone buy ipads or iphones for just the games? Seems like a waste.

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My steam library is in the hundreds, and all of them are Windows games. Why would I "stream" them to a SteamOS machine when I can just play them on my Windows PC? It's already hooked up to a TV.

Maybe it is not meant for you, Mr. Center of the Universe.

He makes a good point and you're being kind of a dick. To replace your OS just to take advantage of this would make sense if it offered something more than streaming to another PC. Otherwise it seems redundant to say the least. With his PC hooked up to a TV, as is mine, SteamOS is being directly targeted at people like he and I. Who else would it be meant for?

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Oh my god, this is the best news! Carmack is a perfectionist when it comes to tech. Listen to his keynote from last year's QuakeCon and you'll hear him talking about his efforts to eke the fastest response possible from sensors and displays. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't stand for any sub-par components in the Rift if he could help it, and he most certainly can help it in this position.

I watched that ENTIRE 3 and a half hour video and didn't even notice it was that long. So good. That guy likes to talk and it's ok with me.

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I've been playing it and if it doesn't sound good to you, I have bad news... it's fucking terrible.

The whole time I kept wanting to give it the benefit of the doubt, but as I got deeper in, the worse it got. You will be wishing the whole time that you had a buddy because the handy-men are STILL the fucking worst. You really need someone else to draw aggro in this thing. Having dudes just throw themselves at you whilst trying to avoid sniper fire is an act of futility. Right before I finally quit there were 2, I repeat, 2 handy-men attacking me as I spawned in the level. Within about .002 seconds I was dead. Giving handy-men brutal melee while also giving them ranged attacks was and still is a FUCKING NIGHTMARE. Try it if you must, but you have been warned.

If only it added multi-player...*sigh*

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Patrick, I have been making a pretty good amount of money with those trading cards and I really want to read what you think about them and what you are or are not doing with them. Please?

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Patrick, are you saying it's ok for Fish to say the things he did because "the internet"? It sounds like you're defending him. If Fish and Blow didn't want to comment on the rumor fine, they didn't have to go to the internet and complain about being asked. That is just weird when you think about it. So when Beers says hey, well then don't look for us to comment on your games, you think he is being wildly outrageous?

Is it more outrageous than telling someone to commit suicide?!

The comparisons you draw from your own (and ultimately horrifying) experiences don't really have anything to do with Fish's tantrum now does it? He wasn't being told anything on the level you describe, by Beers. He was being criticized for the things he had openly said. You kinda make it sound like they were some victims of a mean and vengeful internet troll. When in reality, they were the victims of their own egos and someone daring to call the games press darling out on their stinking shit. It just so happens that guy to do it also has an audience which probably makes it sting more.

If this is Fish's version of "I'm taking my ball with me" so be it. But as you say in your article, even you doubt the veracity of his hissy-fit. What does that say about Fish's character if even the ones kinda defending him think he's full of shit?

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When Dyack and co. were doing their podcast apology tour, I couldn't help but feel as if I was having an alcoholic parent pleading for forgiveness whilst simultaneously hiding a glass of cognac behind his back. I CAN HEAR THE ICE DENNIS!!

On the other hand, I don't like the dog pile this has become. It feels as though even games press are pushing against Precursor which is kinda weird to me. Kick in or don't but can we give some benefit of the doubt?