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Jeff is just the best at putting shit in perspective.

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That article on the Shadows of Mordor tutorial is full of some hypersensitive nonsense. Both cases of sneaking, tutorial and regular gameplay, have the same goal of getting close to someone without being seen. You're sneaking up on your wife to surprise her with a kiss. In gameplay, you're sneaking up to enemies to surprise them with a knife in their throat. The sneaking part is what they're teaching you and they do an effective job with a believable premise in the tutorial. Click-baiting is hitting new lows every day.

Splinter Cell: Conviction and Dishonored did similar things in their tutorials. Sam with his daughter at the start and Corvo hiding from Emily. Personally I love that style of tutorial as it's much less immersion breaking and gets you more into the character.

100% agree. I will say, if I was a writer and my well being depended on just my articles, this is the stupid shit I would write. Find something people like and that is popular, then tear at some little corner that walks the line just enough to be defensible in the "IMHO" department. The "modern journalist" isn't concerned about the subject, just that you fucking click on it and respond to their lunacy. We will get better (and are starting to more and more) at seeing through this facade of "concern" and not give it the time of day.

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This was one of my favorite things you've written ever. Awesome article @patrickklepek!

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@xbob42 said:

I still don't get why you guys always play games on normal to "simulate" a "typical" experience.

1. Your audience isn't "typical" gamers. Stop trying to cater to people that aren't here.

2. Don't try to simulate my experience, have your own and tell me about it. If you thought Child of Light, for example, was super dumb easy, but never bothered to crank up the difficulty, then I think there's something wrong with you, not the game.

The normal setting on most games is designed for people who aren't very good at games. Quit trying to make some sort of absurd statement about that and just choose a proper difficulty if the game is too easy. There's little about gaming I find more annoying than someone complaining about something they can fix by toggling a single option.

And don't start in on that "Well raising some health values doesn't fix the problem!" guff, because for some games that's all it is -- the initial values are simply ludicrously low. If the difficulty option ALSO sucks, then tell us about it! You are actually being less useful to your readers by not exploring the difficulty levels!

You raise some very good points. I've often wondered about difficulty as it relates to experience. Sometimes I do want to know what the other tiers do or don't. Nice post, duder.

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This reminds me of Fatal Frame a little. That game was terrifying.

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@psychohead: Reading your post may have made my day a little better. Thank you.

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I really loved the game and this interview. This guy sounds incredibly passionate and I can't wait to see what they do next.

I got all my friends with PC's to buy this and they all loved it too.

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Doesn't make sense. How many people are going to buy an Apple product for just this game? Does anyone buy ipads or iphones for just the games? Seems like a waste.

Small, constant reinstatements can be as powerful as a "system seller".

Someone may not go out and buy a new phone for it, but it could be one of the sparks that help make that person's decision next time they're upgrading.

I agree but this MUST have costed an enormous amount and it is just one game. Everyone I know bought their iphones to "keep up with the Jones's" so to speak. All the people who bought Android did so because they appreciate tech a little more deeply. Neither for the games.

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Doesn't make sense. How many people are going to buy an Apple product for just this game? Does anyone buy ipads or iphones for just the games? Seems like a waste.

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@besetment said:

My steam library is in the hundreds, and all of them are Windows games. Why would I "stream" them to a SteamOS machine when I can just play them on my Windows PC? It's already hooked up to a TV.

Maybe it is not meant for you, Mr. Center of the Universe.

He makes a good point and you're being kind of a dick. To replace your OS just to take advantage of this would make sense if it offered something more than streaming to another PC. Otherwise it seems redundant to say the least. With his PC hooked up to a TV, as is mine, SteamOS is being directly targeted at people like he and I. Who else would it be meant for?