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Yeah, like several other responders to this post, I really like the out of game items for pre-orders. The Fallout lunchbox, the Starcraft dogtag USB drive. Little stuff like that. I guess that's more Collector's Edition stuff so really I'm paying more for it. Ok, I'm changing my vote. Collector's Edition stuff is cool as long as I have something physical to represent my appreciation for the game, but pre-order crap is just a marketing gimmick to try and get people to buy from store A instead of store B, C or D and I *hate* marketing gimmicks.  
Like Dizazter said, it can't actually be anything game changing or else they would lose sales one way or another so if it is an in-game item then it has to be just a reskin of something already in the game with identical stats or something that can be unlocked with relative ease and if it is an actual physical item then it has to be cheap enough to produce to make it no better than a McDonald's Happy Meal(tm) toy. Either way, pre-order stuff just reeks of desperation and I don't like it.

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Yeah, pre-order stuff is pretty much *always* a re-skinned item made to look different but have no actual game stat advantage. Totally worthless to anyone but a collector who just wants bragging rights.

I couldn’t agree with you more about the advantages vets get in games like Black Ops over the newbies. Makes it almost not worth getting into if you missed the opening window by a few weeks. I mean, if they had low-level beginner servers that would be one thing, but most of the time they don’t. The Starcraft ladder system does that well, but RTS is totally different than FPS for matchmaking.
All that being said, I can't deny that the unlocks in FPS games are still a huge draw for me. I just wish there was a "little pond" for me to start off in.

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@iam3green said:
But when we make our first blog the website recommends it. Take it up with the people who programmed it that way. Complaining to each new user individually isn't going to solve anything.
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Oooohhh...Minecraft for the PSP would be awesome. Until then....someday I will finish a final fantasy game. Maybe.

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@Dizazter:  a fantastic piece of work. I can't wait for the sequel!
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Most RTS games give you a choice. SupCom  gives you the option of no Fog of War, Explored (where is starts out grey-ish but you can see all terrain)  or unexplored (where everything starts out totally black). That's great, everyone has their own preferred style and they can set up the game how they want. But if they force everyone into only one type then I think it really limits the audience and it won't be as popular. So hopefully they will give SC2 the option and not just lock them into a single form. Blizzard tends to be very good at what they do so I don't think they are going to screw it up. ;)

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By far the worst Fog of War I have ever seen was in the first Mechcommander game. The developers used a limited color palette as an excuse to only have one layer of fog. All black or totally revealed. And once you revealed a location you had line of sight to it for the rest of the game.  It was very easy to suicide a light scout Mech into the enemy base right from the start and, even after the Mech had been destroyed, see every move the enemy team made because that spot had been cleared for the rest of the game.  What was worse is you also had access to off-board artillery so once you cleared the fog with that initial light Mech you could proceed to attack the other team's units and structures without ever risking any of your own units.

I really liked the concept of that style of multiplayer though. It was the first RTS I had seen where you didn't construct your units in the game. You built your team before the game started and once they were eliminated they were gone for good.  It was an awesome idea with tons of potential, however ultimately ruined with something as silly as incorrectly implemented Fog of War.