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 For those of you familiar with my erotic work,  I got some strange news:
I'm offering FREE memberships to my video game fanart website in exchange for a little help raising awareness about D U weapons. All you have to do is start a thread in any other internet forum about D U weapons and get over 50 views.  If you don't know what D U weapons are, you can just copy and paste the info posted on my DA page here: www.3dbabes.deviantart.com

If you don't have a DA account, you can just email a link to your thread to rgb_babes@hotmail.com

Thanks a million!

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MK is a casual nostalgic purchase for gamers. That's why  MKvsDC sold over 2 million.

This game could sell around 3 million, if it reviews well.

They have done everything the fans have asked for, except fix their puppet-like animations.

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I love that anime Ayane!
I wanted to keep the poll reasonably short, hence the few choices.

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I would like to know who your FAVORITE video game BABES are, if you have 5 seconds to click on a multiple choice survey:



(I will post the results here before I eat dinner tonight)
: )

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I will have some boobs posted this weekend on my rgbabes website.

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 I agree with what RyanWho said above!

Thanks for the tips!

If anybody has the time to do a draw a quick line or 2 on top of my picture and re-post it, I will definitely adjust my original.

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@Meowayne said:

" @3dguy3 said:

"  Yes, Masterminds like me are the ones keeping the videogame in its ‘infancy’.

I have far-reaching control over companies like EA.

You are representative of a crowd of like minds with immense, huge, game-making influence on the demand and supply of this industry, yes.   "

I have pretty low reading comprehension, but it sounds like you are saying that guys are, in general, horny.

I agree.

However, there is far more violence in video games than sex.

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 Yes, Masterminds like me are the ones keeping the videogame in its ‘infancy’.

I have far-reaching control over companies like EA.

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I upload the racy stuff to my deviantart gallery, but I want to keep this thread classy.

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