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I'm going to go with 85.1 million.

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Not sure how I feel about Deep Silver getting Saints Row. Also surprised that Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo didn't make a move considering we are moving back into a part of the console cycle where first party games become much more important.

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I've said it before, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever for them not to archive every piece of content they do for the site. Saying, twitch will handle it is not acceptable, because what if Twitch goes crazy and disables archives? Especially if you are a subscriber, you should be able to access all of their content on the site itself. I'm fine with it taking a few extra days (or weeks because of the break) but it needs to be done regardless.

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There is absolutely no reason what so ever for them not to archive it outside of plain laziness. The entire point of the premium membership was to have access to additional content that would not be available for the free site. For them to then make the content but say your SOL if you have to work or don't live in a time zone appropriate for the already late stream. They are saying to their paying customers that you don't deserve to see content that you paid for. And that is incredibly shitty.

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Hey man, I got your back. I didn't see it either.

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This weeks I love monday's has been up for the past year.


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I really can't agree with everybody saying to play FF IX first, because a large part of that game is nostalgic elements that will mean much less to you if you have not played the previous games in the series. You absolutely should play it, but I would get a few others under your belt before you jump into IX. If you can't get your hands on the SNES or GBA (or DS for III or IV) ports i would say start with VII then go to VIII. VII has aged very badly graphically, but the basic game play holds up and it is a pretty traditional FF. VIII is such an oddball in the group (even if I would count it as my favorite) that I wouldn't recommend you start out with it, if for no other reason then to not give you an improper notion of what the rest of the series is like.

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Well that's five bucks on the way into my pocket. My friend bet me five dollars when the beta came out that it was a sign that the game was coming out this year. I told him, this is still Blizzard, there is no way that is happening. And now he's all mad cause he wanted to play it a lot more than i did and he also owes me five dollars. Score.

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Can't complain about free stuff.