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She can turn clothes invisible except for shirts, that is her weakness.

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xD cool list rofl

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@suntoria: Wow, thanks a lot! I really didn't think that would work 3 hours later but I got the third code.

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I got the impression that Notch was trying to distance himself from Minecraft over the last few years. I'm not too surprised to see Mojang being sold, although I never would have imagined for 2.5 billion.

Hopefully they don't ruin the franchise by filling it with microtransactions or removing mods or something. I am pretty much done with Minecraft at this point but it would still be interesting to see a sequel running on a proper engine with all the resources Microsoft has available.

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Dipping shitty pizza into multiple sauces. I currently use ketchup, sriracha, ranch, bbq, and jerk sauce. I don't mix them but I dip the pizza and crust into each one as I eat.

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They need to make a 3DS version. It would look pretty nice with the 3D and it would be great to have digitally so you can play any time.