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Ryan will be sorely missed. Never him personally, been following him for years online and loved everything he's done. It is saddening and shocking that this was, at least from the outside, very sudden and abrupt.

Wish everyone involved my deepest condolences.

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This issue hits close to home, I have a friend who dropped out of her science studies because she couldn't take the harassment and stigmatism attached to being female and studying a vocation which has been historically male-dominated. There are quite a few female scientists out there, always have been but their number pale in comparison to men. No amount of support from friends could help her in this case and she now does care work, a more "socially accepted" job for a woman... Nothing about that sits right with me, not one bit.

As you may expect, I fully support this movement.

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So the US will have feature parity with the rest of the world for about a month? Great. Just remember what that feels like after the TVii launch, because that's what the rest of the world will feel like for the entirety of the Wii U lifespan.

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@triviaman09 said:

Damn it. PS3 is the one I actually want to drop in price.

Well, they already made their move with the redesigned PS3. While it's no cheaper than the old SKUs, you get more stuff for that price at the very least.