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Huh, I actually seem to remember hearing about her.
This is a clever one though - good for trapping those folks like me who go straight to Wikipedia at the first sign of trouble!

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@Daemon: The last one is most easily distinguished by its colour, which is almost always the same no matter which game you're playing.
I was stuck with #2 for a damn long time - I actually thought about it, then said to myself "no, no way that's considered a cliched monster". Oh well.

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It certainly seems as though the kingdom is named after the bolete.
A kingdom named after mushrooms... why does that sound so familiar?

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I've soloed this game all the way to the last boss, so I'd say it's worth it. The game has a lot of depth and challenge as a solo game; the strategies and tactics are a bit different from when you're playing co-op. It becomes almost like a 3D fighting game (for people who don't have the reflexes to handle 1-frame button inputs) with lots of RPG elements. 
However, the combat system might not be to everyone's taste. I think there's a demo on the PSN store - would recommend you try that and see if you like the way the game moves. If you dig the way the game does combat, it's definitely highly recommended even for solo play.

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One has to wonder why exactly the thumbnail for this news piece is a Yukari slime.

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@ZagZagovich said:
" @Delta_Ass: I thought that light blue beam that protagonist's mech shot at Atlus was the new effect for a Gauss rifle. "
*resists urge to make bad joke about Japanese game companies*

Nah, Gauss rifles were super-ultra-rare in the game's timeframe. You probably won't find one of those until the endgame. Also, the Warhammer's default loadout includes 2 arm-mounted PPCs. The blue beam is definitely a PPC effect.

That being said, it's noteworthy that all of the Warhammer's armament is present and correct. The version in the video is probably a 6R - the Davion variant doesn't mount the machine guns.
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@Sparky_Buzzsaw: 2 was probably the most complex of the lot. There were separate controls for jumping and for skimming with the jump jets, if I recall correctly. You could cover a ridiculous amount of ground in one jump. And they had not only night vision but IR as well, didn't they?

Would love to see the return of Mechwarrior 2-style jump jet controls, at least on light and medium mechs. Also, falling damage if you screw up a jump. The video looks promising, what with the Jenner suffering damage when the Warhammer takes out the building underneath it.

Also, alternate ammo loads. Smoke missiles would be awesome with the new sensor/visibility system, and make the lighter machines much more viable (which is apparently what they are aiming for). Flares, flash or concussion warheads, and so on. Some of this stuff is already in the tabletop version, so there's little reason why it can't be put in, apart from development time and cost.

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People care because there are a number of games where the PC version got simplified, and a lot of the interesting details were lost, for the sake of a console release. Case in point: Deus Ex: Invisible War.

I think it's possible to make a console MechWarrior with the complexity of the PC releases, but it's not going to be easy. Weisman did make the claim that the new game will not be MechAssault-ish, at least, which is somewhat comforting. Plus, there are plenty of ways to fit a large command set onto a controller - using onscreen menus like Mass Effect's radial menu is one obvious option.
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I updated the Mechwarrior franchise entry with some of the new info, but need to wait until it's approved. >< Must edit more.

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It's on IGN PC as well, complete with an interview with Jordan Weisman and some guy.

Let's hope it doesn't suck.

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