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@caesius6: It's mostly new characters and maybe new game (online) modes.

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If I had to guess Street Fighter 5 will stay exclusive to PS4 and PC. When they do Super Street Fighter 5 then that will come to Xbox One.

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Can't wait to see what the microtransaction are going to look like. The leaked screenshots last week pissed people off.

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More info has come out. Xbox One version is based off Forza 5 engine. 360 version is based off Horizon 1 engine. Also Sumo Digital is doing the 360 version and Playground is doing the XB1 version.

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Sorry I didn't make a post last week when the sale started but this week has a lot of good games on sale. Sale last till 12/31 and will feature daily deals.

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I'm excited to see what is coming.

"But I look at the next 18 to 24 months, and really on a month by month basis, you're going to have something you can go out and play," he said. "It's not really a portfolio plan that way, but when I look at the way the portfolio is laying out ... I think people are going to be happy with the lineup that's coming. And I haven't even mentioned when Halo is coming or some of the big mega franchises."

...Instead, look toward Spike's VGX awards presentation, airing Dec. 7, where Spencer said, "We'll have some things to say there." From there, next year's Game Developers Conference and E3 will likely be where the majority of Xbox One announcements will hit.

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The way he worded it maybe it's going to be something separate from Games with Gold. They could do a PS+ like situation where you only rent the games till your service expires. It could be that.