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Microsoft announces the new dashboard is coming out on December 6th. Reading some stuff from around the web seems Kinect works well with dashboard, Bing Search works and the UFC app looks good.

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Amazon Lighting Deal

Xbox 360 4 GB with Kinect $299 with $100 GC.

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Edge says that Ubisoft Montreal is working on the next gen games based on what Microsoft intends the next Xbox to be and they should receive official dev kits by Christmas. Edge says the next Xbox should be ready by Holiday 2012.

Also one Sony first party studio has stopped working on the PS3 and gearing up for next gen.

There have been strong rumors going around that Microsoft will announce the next Xbox at CES (January) and my personal opinion is that it makes sense. Imagine Halo 4 becoming the Twilight Princess for Microsoft.

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same price I bought Brotherhood last year around Black Friday. I hope Amazon price matches this.

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The Cruise Ship.

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the Alan Wake game is confirmed to be a XBLA game.

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Remedy recently was at Microsoft Studios, I'm wondering if Microsoft is planning to buy Remedy.

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@Creamypies said:

New Alan Wake sounds exciting!

It's officially Alan Wake 2. Game Informer will release the screenshots next week.

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A new Alan Wake will be there, new info on MGS Rising and a new game from Bioware.

GOTY nominees are:

Portal 2

Batman AC

Uncharted 3



Most anticipated (fan vote)

Halo 4

The Last Guardian

Bioshock Infinite

Diablo 3

Mass Effect 3