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I was on the fence whether I was going to buy this but the $20 credit Amazon just gave me a reason to buy it. I went with the 360 version.

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Pasta Padre said there is no late hits anymore (NFL wouldn't allow it).

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Day 1 of Season Beatings is over. It was all about Marvel 3 and ended with East Coast VS West Coast. West Coast won 14-11 but went into the final rotation tied at 10 each.

Yipes 2-3

Marlinpie 2-3

Flocker 5-0

PR Rog 1-4

Noel 1-4

Also if you watched Season Beatings last year the quality is not great due to the venue but it's close to 60 fps so you can see what is going on.

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Official Microsoft Statement from Eurogamer

Microsoft has told Eurogamer that it's aware of a few incidents of "unauthorised access" and is working with the relevant individuals to remedy the situation.

However, the spokesperson insisted there is no evidence of a wider Xbox Live security issue. Here is its statement in full:

"We do not have any evidence the Xbox Live service has been compromised. We take the security of our service seriously and work on an ongoing basis to improve it against evolving threats.

"However, a limited number of members have contacted us regarding unauthorised access to their accounts by outside individuals. We are working with our impacted members directly to resolve any unauthorised changes to their accounts.

"As always, we highly recommend our members follow the Xbox LIVE Account Security guidance provided at www.xbox.com/security to protect your account."

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I wonder if this has anything to do with EA being hacked this past summer.

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I was just reading up on this stuff and apparently if you type into Google Fifa 12 6K and which console (360 or PS3) there are people selling access to accounts for both consoles. They are selling the accounts on DHgate or Trade Tang (Chinese Wholesale sites) for like $10 from what I read on message board posts.

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I prefer a good breakfast sausage than bacon.

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You don't need your console id information right now (you will need it if you get in). In the beta you have the new Metro UI with Kinect functionality, Cloud Storage, Beacons and Facebook sharing. As the beta goes on they may implement the other stuff. Also you are able to use party chat.

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Microsoft should give those guys the Banjo franchise to work on.