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CEO in June is looking like a killer tournament.
Justin Wong
Mike Ross
PR Balrog and the rest of DMG
JS Masters
Also Revelations is the same weekend and I think Daigo is going to that one.

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" Can't believe I missed SSF4 :(  Also whats with this Spooky wanting to stream Evo crap? "

he wants to stream EVO. he believes he should have a chance to do it. There is a thread on SRK about getting support for Spooky and a petition is on twitter and on neogaf. His comment about what happened with Level Up last year was uncalled for but I believe he should get a chance to stream EVO. 
Also Valle has a couple of comments on twitter voicing his displeasure (saying Spooky is not professional streamer and they are digging their own grave) about the comment and now teasing news for WNF and says Spooky should watch it also. (my guess Level Up already knows they are doing EVO and they now have a reason to announce it)
In the end I think EVO will go with Level Up because that is the safe choice.
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Since December, Xbox Live Marketplace had a bunch of sales.

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Including the 360. Valve says the PS3 version will update via Steamworks but did not reveal how the content will be coming to the 360.

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A Hugo icon is available on AE.
around 4:25

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Looking at the character select screen and there is space for 2 more characters. Also there are rumors going around that Capcom didn't release the codes for Oni and Evil Ryu.

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According to Ono twitter the announcement will come at Captivate (Capcom Event in Hawaii).

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Seb does commentary on MLG Tekken.  I honestly prefer Team Spooky to FADC (not knocking Seb). 

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He says he has new for SSF4 DLC and refers to it as the "New Future". It's most likely AE DLC. Henry Cen (Chinatown Fair) said that Capcom promised they would release the DLC till 6 months after AE comes out and there is time release characters. 
Ono link: 

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Just checked my twitter and the official Xbox twitter linked a new Xbox Live Reward Program. Major Nelson had some news to share this week about Live and I guess this is it.  You can earn Microsoft Points and other prizes.