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@AjayRaz said:
" love Ibuki and Rufus's costumes. any word on a release?  "
to be announced at TGS
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I use color 4 for Dhalsim wearing Alt 3

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Going with the rumor earlier this year about Ninja Theory making the next DMC looks we will get our answer at TGS.

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Showdown at the Sheraton (NY Major)
  SSF4, Tekken 6 and BBCS
Stream by Team Spooky

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they made the formal announcement at Microsoft Pre-TGS Media Briefing. Will include a novel called "Corridor of Memory". Post game quest called Final Fantasy 13 Episode 1 (not sure if it is a novel) and they are adding scenes they cut from the game.

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Famitsu confirms the 360 version and the price is  4980yen (I believe the PS3 version was 9000yen)

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@mosdl said:
" @digitalsea87 said:
" 360 controllers everywhere on the stream. I hope there's something for us PS3-players. "
I guess we can expect a bad PC port? :) "
It's coming for PC,360 and PS3.
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sounds like there will be a playable demo.

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will be streaming the announcement in a couple of minute (1 pm EST)
edit: Randy Pitchford says he is pushing for a 2010 release