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Going with the rumor earlier this year about Ninja Theory making the next DMC looks we will get our answer at TGS.

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Showdown at the Sheraton (NY Major)
  SSF4, Tekken 6 and BBCS
Stream by Team Spooky

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they made the formal announcement at Microsoft Pre-TGS Media Briefing. Will include a novel called "Corridor of Memory". Post game quest called Final Fantasy 13 Episode 1 (not sure if it is a novel) and they are adding scenes they cut from the game.

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Famitsu confirms the 360 version and the price is  4980yen (I believe the PS3 version was 9000yen)

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@mosdl said:
" @digitalsea87 said:
" 360 controllers everywhere on the stream. I hope there's something for us PS3-players. "
I guess we can expect a bad PC port? :) "
It's coming for PC,360 and PS3.
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sounds like there will be a playable demo.

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will be streaming the announcement in a couple of minute (1 pm EST)
edit: Randy Pitchford says he is pushing for a 2010 release

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@dr_pineapple said:
" So the good news is they announced games I've already played and not going to buy? "
The good news is that there is a bunch of games coming to XBLA in the near future. You have the anticipated titles such as Hydrophobia, Comic Jumper and Super Meat Boy. Then you have all the classic games.
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Thought this was a Sony exclusive?