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@dr_pineapple said:
" So the good news is they announced games I've already played and not going to buy? "
The good news is that there is a bunch of games coming to XBLA in the near future. You have the anticipated titles such as Hydrophobia, Comic Jumper and Super Meat Boy. Then you have all the classic games.
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Thought this was a Sony exclusive?

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The week could not have started any poorer for Microsoft. The announcement of the $10 increase of Xbox Live turned the gaming community into a frenzy. This morning we get the news of the new 360 controller but then the bad news of the price.
However Microsoft did deliver the good news on the announcement of their Fall promotion called Game Feast. This promotion brings big titles such as: Hydrophobia, Comic Jumper and Super Meat Boy to XBLA in late September. Also on the news front Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury was just announced for a November release for XBLA. Bangai-O HD joins such titles of KOF:2002 UM, KOF: Sky Match, Guwange, Plants VS Zombies, Sonic Adventure who could all see a Fall and Winter release dates. 
It has been a up and down last couple days for the 360 however they have dominated the news fronts and I expect it to continue with release of Halo: Reach and the TGS Keynote.

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The TGS keynote is where you get the announcements. The Wiimote was unveiled at the Nintendo keynote. Sony keynote last year showed off Move. Microsoft in 2008 revealed Halo: ODST and Tekken 6 coming to Xbox 360. Wonder what they are going to talk about this year?

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Following Sony's Gamecom conference, you can easily say that 2011 is stacked. 
Sony will bring you these exclusive titles:
Killzone 3
Resistance 3
Infamous 2
Socom 4
Motorstorm: Apocalypse 
Ratchet and Clank: All For One 
Yakuza 4
The Last Guardian (probably)
Final Fantasy Versus 13 (probably)
Microsoft and Nintendo usually announce their games closer to the release date. 
For 2011 we can expect from the both so far:
 Zelda: Skyward Sword
Gears of War 3
Codename: Kingdom (probably)
You still have all the motion control games for Move and Kinect , the launch of the 3DS and the downloadable games.
Then the Multiplatform games:
Mortal Kombat
Portal 2 
Dragon Age 2
LA Noire
Batman Arkham City
I am probably missing some games but remember we thought 2010 was going to be a crazy year for gaming, 2011 looks even better.

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I'm on chapter 9 and facing  Barthandelus and I keep dying on the final phase of him. I'm using Lightning, Fang and Vanille and I get him down to about 50% percent life and he ends up killing me with his big attack. I don't make a dent on his life bar when I used Odin and any help with strategy in terms of battle teams and weapons upgrade I should use will be helpful. 

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These are the avatars that were released to PSN just recently: Alex, Hugo, Q, Elena, Charlie, R. Mika, and Rolento

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I think it's Rolento and Elena. One from each series and they both have stages in the game already.