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Didn't Bungie registered the trademark Marathon couple of months back?

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C Viper 's U2 and Fuerte's U2

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My rotation was Juri, Dudley and Ibuki. I also mixed in Hakan and Dhalsim.

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I probably be down to play but I am not good at the game. I'll give it a try though.

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Team Spooky (the guys who broke all the info for SSF4 and MVC3) are having a combo video competition. The winner gets a free mad catz stick (SSF4 S Series TE stick ) for any system.

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Did Capcom ever say what is going to happen with the animated movie. I know 360 in Japan has this as an exclusive but no word on any US release.

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Think we are going to see a lot of Juri's pin wheel attack.

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I think they are going in the same direction as TVC. Would not shock me if the game goes to 2 man teams instead of 3.

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With Gears of War 3 being announced almost 2 months in front of E3 and a year from being released, what new game announcements does Microsoft have plan for the future. I know we are going to hear about Natal and the launch line up, probably hear about Halo Reach single player, something new for Fable 3 but what about in 2011 and beyond. Are we going to get info about Mass Effect 3, maybe Itagaki makes an appearance or Microsoft gets Square to go multiplatform for FF13 Versus. I am sure Microsoft has games to show but it just seems to me that they have most of their eggs in one basket when it comes to Natal.

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So I am long time listener and first time blogger. It's April and it's really a surprise of how many great games already came out so far. You can honestly say that there are 4-5 games right now that are game of the year candidates. Can't wait for E3 to see what else is coming this year.