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Forza Horizon is up and at $15

The full list for July 4th is:

Crysis 3- $20

Forza Horizon- $15

The Witcher 2- $10

L4D2- $10

Orange Box- $5

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Left 4 Dead 2 is $10

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For Day 3 (July 4)

The Witcher 2- $10

Crysis 3- $19.99

Orange Box- $5

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Assassins Creed 2 is going to be the free game for gold members July 14.

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It would be cool to see what the original plans were if they only had reached their initial goal.

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I would hope Dishonored would go on sale but apparently its not if that list is right

Dishonored and the DLC are on sale next week.

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Microsoft is doing another GoD sale. There are games on sale for the whole week and there are daily deals. Remember that the prices are different for other countries so check and also sometimes it's cheaper if you buy the game using Microsoft points.

Here is the sale for July 2nd and the games that are on sale for the whole week. Expect to see price drops on XCOM, Bioshock Infinite, MGS Revengance and Tomb Raider.

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I'm really thinking about picking up MK vs DC. Seems like the sale was great for the AUS and EU users because the games came in cheap prices for them.

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How about something revolving around movie games and ways you would improve them.