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i love xbox live and i gladly pay for it but i really wish they would have real sales. thier games are too expensive and when they do have sales it's only for older games and never the good ones.while i think microsoft offers a incredibly better online expierence than sony, sony has the right idea with PS plus.

on topic,thanks for the heads up,i might pick up street fighter.

Have you tried playstation plus? I was a bit skeptical at first but their discounts are pretty good for new games and I got Just Cause 2, Warhammer and that Pacman game for free. Xbox live stuff still feels pretty shitty to me. They are still selling 50 cent Blood on the Sand for 60 bucks on games on demand. That game is how old and average at best. Giantbomb got me hyped to play that game too.

Games on Demand got a little better lately on games prices (Rayman Origins for $20, Gears of War 3 was for $15). There are still games with crazy prices.

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I'm making this thread to help you guys know what is on sale this week. Not sure how many guys visit Major Nelson's blog, where he usually lists the sales.

For the week of Oct 2

DOTW (Gold Exclusive)

Dungeon Fighter Live 400msp

SF 3rd Strike Online Edition 600msp

SSF2 HD 600msp

VF5 FS 600msp

The Secret of Monkey Island SE 400msp

Sales for everyone else

COD Map Packs (BLOPS, MW1, MW2, MW3, WaW) are 50% off

COD Classic 600msp

Prototype 800msp

Transformer War for Cybertron 800msp plus both map and character packs are 200msp each

DJ Hero Jay-Z VS Eminem Pack 320msp

DJ Hero 2 Hit Makers Pack 320msp

Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock Track Pack 800msp

For anyone else looking for deals these sites are the best



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I noticed at the end of the trailer when they listed consoles Kinect is also listed with the rest of the Microsoft copywrite. Is it usually required to list Kinect?

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Thanks to Vyse The Legend on Gaf. This is the secret ending you get in the iOS version of the game. Could be a possible sequel the game. The Square Enix countdown made a lot of people upset once they found out it was an iOS version of the game but this could be their redemption to the fans.

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@617_jbug: Nope...

It's out now. I just downloaded it.

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Oh god I regret getting the 360 version. Just played a few matches and it runs at like 30% speed.

According to Atlus rep at WNF, the 360 patch might come out tonight.

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I don't think they ever patch the HD collection so they still had the free patch.

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Atlus already has it fixed and it's just being tested. Just to remind people the first Blazblue also had netplay problems on the 360 and after the patch it worked pretty smooth.