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The way he is hyping it up my guess is that it's Bungie or Valve making a PS3 exclusive. Bungie deal with Activision is for 1 franchise and I'm sure they are allowed to make other games for other companies. Valve could do PS3 and PC and that would remain an exclusive.

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Team Spooky will be streaming 2 events this weekend.

Saturday will be the SRK Invitational at Next Level NYC featuring Noel Brown, Dieminion, Marlinpie, Ray Ray etc. It's single elimination.

Sunday he will be in Cali and streaming Cross Counter Bar Fights featuring Mike Ross, Gootecks, F.Champ, Floe, etc.

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I too am wondering about Sony's and Nintendo's numbers. I don't want any predictions I want solid numbers. Some people pegged 360 sales at 600,000 but obviously they were wrong. I bet the 3DS sold amazingly, up here in Canada the system was $139 and during my trips to stores mom's were going crazy buying them. Literally every other person at the Toysrus I went to had a 3DS and some games.

Wii- 500K

Skyward Sword- 535K

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Only US or the world? Can't really tell from the article.

US only

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According to CAG

Black Friday Nov 25

Fallout 3 for 25% off (22.49)

Warhammer Killteam 50% off (400)

Full house poker 50% off (400)

+more unannounced

Cyber Monday Nov 28

Beyond good and evil 70% off (240)

Marvel Vs capcom 73% off (324)

Risk factions 75% off (200)

Dungeons and dragons daggerdale 50% off (600)

+more unannounced

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Microsoft announces the new dashboard is coming out on December 6th. Reading some stuff from around the web seems Kinect works well with dashboard, Bing Search works and the UFC app looks good.

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Amazon Lighting Deal

Xbox 360 4 GB with Kinect $299 with $100 GC.

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Edge says that Ubisoft Montreal is working on the next gen games based on what Microsoft intends the next Xbox to be and they should receive official dev kits by Christmas. Edge says the next Xbox should be ready by Holiday 2012.

Also one Sony first party studio has stopped working on the PS3 and gearing up for next gen.

There have been strong rumors going around that Microsoft will announce the next Xbox at CES (January) and my personal opinion is that it makes sense. Imagine Halo 4 becoming the Twilight Princess for Microsoft.