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I will be graduating in May 2015 with a 150 credit hour degree (required for CPA)in Accounting. I am currently looking for a job at a public accounting firm. Is there anyone in the community I can talk to about help getting into the industry. I am located in Wisconsin but I am willing to move anywhere in the Midwest or West Coast. Thanks!

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It has to be Jeff's hoarders episode everyone I show that to someone they lose it! omg so funny. lol sorry I don't have a link.

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omg... this is sad and happy for vinny. i will forever miss jeff and vinny together

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wow nice!

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@clonedzero: sorry to kill your argument but i have had a manual for over 2 years and it is still has so much fun factor and, I drive over an hour a day. The thrill of being in complete control of the car is so enjoyable I love it and never want to drive another way.

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yes this is what i come here for this . more of this please. so good.

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omg go with the 120hz you will never ever regret it. trust me.