Suda51's SDATCHER Act 6 Translation

The penultimate act! The previous acts can be found HERE, the Junker HQ video will be uploaded HERE and the original audio is HERE (show starts at the 40 minute mark). No new characters to introduce this week but Robin from act 3 does make an appearance, anyway, let's just get on with the show!


Chris: I'm a Bioroid... The Russian ship, that monster and me… we became one

Jack: Chris!

Chris: ...Snatcher

Jack: Snatcher?

Chris: Snatcher, the Bioroids complete form. and Alice… she is our god, isn't it fantastic Jack, your wife… a god

Jack: God? What are you talking about, she's my wife, nothing more

Chris: No Jack, you're wrong!

Jack: What do you mean?… and what's... wrong with your eyes?

Chris: We are the next evolutionary step

Jack: My God, you really are a bioroid, and Chris… is he… dead?

Chris: Chris and I are one, he lives on... inside me

Jack: What is it you want?

Chris: To grow, and multiply, and one day…

Jack: You want to take over?

Chris: Jack, your wife is a god, and yet you understand nothing, we must multiply or face extinction, it's the same struggle any species faces

Jack: And how exactly do you… Multiply?

Chris: The people we kill Jack, they become our vessel, they die so that we may live

Jack: So you did kill Chris

Chris: Technically speaking, yes, he's dead, but all that he was lives on forever... inside me

Jack: Don't make me laugh, no matter how hard you try to impersonate a human you can never be anything more than that, an imitation.


Jack takes something from his pocket

Jack: You know what these are?

Chris: Cards, you were always fond of blackjack

Jack: Let's play a game, what do you want, hit… or stand

Chris: Hmm, give me one more

Jack: Twenty… stand?

Chris: Yeah, stop

Jack: Twenty-one… blackjack

Chris: As lucky as always, I could never beat you, but what have we proved? Did you expect me to throw the game?

Jack: Why would you, cheating and trickery, there's nothing Chris despised more… but it seems Chris really is dead

Chris: Why?

Jack: The game was fixed, Chris… would have seen that, only a human could, do you know why?

Chris: No

Jack: The subtle fluctuation of emotions, evidence of their humanity, no machine could recognise it, or hope to emulate it. You... you're nothing more than an artificial body

Chris: But i am alive, in that we are the same

Jack: You are a machine, created by humans, you can never surpass them, or even come close

Chis: Humans… To me we are the same, wether Human or Bioroid. We all have a right to live

Jack: I can't agree

Chris: Then i'll make you

Jack: You mean to surpass us?

Chris: Humans desire peace and coexistence, you've become too arrogant, things are changing, you will see in time…

Jack: That's impossible

Chris: Impossible…

Chris cuts off mid sentence, for a moment it seems something of his humanity returns

Chris: … Jack… please… put me out of my misery

Jack: ...Do you have anything you want to say?

Chris: Jack… you know… compared to being a human… being a bioroid… was easy… and Jack… only you can stop this… only you… can kill Alice!

Jack: That's probably true

Jack shoots Chris

Chris: Jack…

Jack: Goodbye my friend… may you find peace at last


Jon gets into his turbocycle

Little John: Jack where are we headed?

Jack: Neo Kobe port tower, Alice is waiting for me there

Little John: Roger


Robin and Alice wait at the Port tower

Robin: People like your husband, and the work they do is what makes Neo Kobe great

Alice: Policemen are nothing if not hard working

Robin: The police know something big is going on, and the government's not stupid, but here, outside their influence, you can 'swim' freely

Alice: You know, I'm not a strong swimmer, my husband loves the sea, i'd always watch him and my daughter from afar, i could never... get close to them

Robin: Alice, stop, I want to talk… about us, about you and me

Alice: We can't go back can we

Robin: We bioroids look up to you, to us, you are a god


We return to Jack and Little John on route to the port tower

Little John: Jack i've finished analysing the data from the russian ship,

Jack: Hit me

Little John: 50 tonnes of cargo are being shipped under the name Alice Gibson, The cargo appeared to contain Bioroids, something confirmed by the scan data, this is the third time Alice has… this is difficult to say but...

Jack: Don't worry

Little John: There can be no doubt, the person behind all this… it's Alice


Suda51's SDATCHER Act 5 Translation

Here we are, act 5, only two more acts and we're done! If you missed acts 1 to 4 you can start HERE and work your way through.

This week introduces an important character, Jean Jack's missing wife Alice Gibson... but how is she connected to the events surrounding the Bioroids and the Russian ship...

The Japanese audio is HERE (show starts at 41:30) and the Junker HQ video will be up HERE in about a weeks time.

We rejoin Jean Jack and Little John as just as they have come face to face with their first Bioroid...


Little John: Jack! your Blaster

Jack: Will it work against this?

Little John: I'll make an analysis, just buy me some time

Jack: Alright, i'll try

Little John: I'm counting on you

Jean Jack shoots several rounds at the Bioroid

Jack: It's no good, he's absorbing the shots

Little John: Jack be careful, I'm picking up a strong thermal reading… it's a cannon

Jack: what will happen if we get a direct hit?

Little John: It'll be just like bathing in a volcano

Jack: I don't like the sound of that!

Little John: Please take cover

The Bioroid fires a blast from it's mouth

Little John: Analysis complete, it seems that it's no more than a dead body that's been re-animated, it's being controlled by the main CPU located in the head, aim for that!

Jack: The head! Here goes

Little John: Jack hurry he's going to attack again

Jack: Eat this!

Jack aims for the Bioroid's head and shoots

Dominic: Eh… I can't move… this is strange…my energy levels are stable… but… my body feels hot… extremely hot… I'm burning…

The Bioroid explodes

Jack: John, we did it!

Little John: Don't worry Jack, i'm your partner, i'll always watch your back

Jack: Yeah I can see that, thanks

Little John: You head back to the diner, I'll clean up here

Jack: OK John, try and find out if this is one of those bioroids

Little John: I think we can safely assume that it is.

Jack: I'm heading back, Chris knows something… no, more than that… he's hiding something. I'll leave the rest to you

Little John: Understood


Jean Jack returns to the diner where Chris is sleeping, the waitress Lisa approaches

Lisa: Chin up Jack

Jack: Thanks

Lisa give Jack another cup of coffee

Lisa: This is more expensive than the last stuff

Jack: Haha, it smells great

Lisa: you don't want to eat anything?

Jack: sorry Lisa, today… I don't have much of an appetite

Lisa: That's fine, what about your friend?

Jack: I'll let him sleep a little longer

Lisa: OK call me if you need anything

Jack: Thanks

Jack takes a sip of coffee and Chris wakes up

Jack: Ah, you're awake

Chris: That's better, my head feels much clearer, Thanks Jack

Jack: Chris, you didn't just come here to tell me about what happened on that ship, there's something else you want to tell me, am I wrong?

Chris: Haha, are you Ok? You are far too suspicious you know

Jack: Chris, look at me and tell me there is nothing else you want to tell me… swear it!

Chris: Swear…no Jack… I can't. There is something, something I can't hide

Jack: Tell me

Chris gulps his coffee before continuing on

Chris: Jack, everything, the ship, the monster, it's not just Rug Hunt… your wife Alice is involved too

Jack: Alice!

Chris: Yeah, when I was investigating the ship's records her name came up… of course I'm sure it must be some kind of mistake

Jack: ...Thanks for telling me


Chris' phone rings

Chris: May I?

Jack: Please

Chris: This is Christian… what!… this… yeah that's right… he's right in front of me, we're together… understood… Jack, it's Alice

Jack: …Alice

Jack takes the phone from Christian

Jack: It's me

Alice: Jack

Jack: Where are you

Alice: I'm… looking out over a spectacular view

Jack: What are you doing?

Alice: Jack, you sound well

Jack: I've been keeping busy

Alice: You never change do you officer

Jack: I'm sorry

Alice: Jack, the reason I left…

Jack: I know, I didn't protect you

Alice: No… nothing like that, I just lost hope… in this world, in everything. I couldn't bear to be with you, every day... not knowing if i'd ever see you again

Jack: Alice, what are you trying to tell me?

Alice: I was always proud to be a policeman's wife, but I can't go back, I must look forwards

Jack: Alice, do you know anything about the ship?… the Russian cargo?

Alice: Jack, You used to like coming here... Looking out over the most beautiful view in Neo Kobe, I'll be waiting for you...

Alice hangs up

Jack: ...Alice

Chris who has been acting strangely since the phone call suddenly speaks

Chris: Jack, Alice told me something on the phone… She told me… I… I'm a Bioroid!


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Suda51's SDATCHER Act 4 Translation

I've managed to overcome my addiction to Dark Souls just long enough to translate Act 4, if you missed them Act 1 is HERE, Act 2 HERE and Act 3 HERE

The Video translation by the guys at Junker HQ can be found HERE and the original Japanese audio is HERE (the show starts at 41 minutes)

Act 4 introduces another new character, Dominic Blackhead, yet another agent of the mysterious Rug Hunt organisation.

We continue where Act 3 left off (duh) with Jean Jack receiving a phone call. This marks the half way point in the story, feel free to tell me what you think of it so far!


Jack: Who is this?

Dominic: I apologise profusely for calling you like this. My name is Dominic, and I'm an agent of Rug Hunt. You see the truth is…

Jack: Just get on with it, what do you want?

Dominic: Would be be so kind as to look out of the window

Jack: Eh?

Dominic: I'm waving at you, can you see?

Jack: You still didn't tell me what you want.

Dominic: Well, I just have a little something I'd like to speak with you about, and I though it rude not to call you before we met face to face.

Jack: where shall we meet?

Dominic: Well, I would be very grateful if you could step outside

Jack: Fine

Jean Jack goes outside to meet Dominic


Dominic: How do you do, I'm Dominic Blackhead, and you, of course, are Inspector Gibson

Jack: Show me your ID

Dominic: Of course, here you are

Jack: Well, if it's a fake, it's an expensive one

Dominic: You distrust me?

Jack: Hm…What did you want to talk about? Does this have something to do with Rug Hunt.

Dominic: Well, to put it bluntly, I want you to hand over Christian Gainsborough

Jack: Hand him over? What will happen if I do?

Dominic: Gainsborough will simply disappear, other than that… nothing

Jack: So you want me to sell him out

Dominic: Why yes! It's an excellent plan is it not

Jack: And if I don't?

Dominic: It would be wise to comply, for your own safety

Jack: How did you know he was here?

Dominic: That's a company secret… well to be more specific, a Government secret

Jack: You guys are good I'll give you that

Dominic: It's a dog eat dog world, if you want to survive you have to learn to move faster than everyone else… and the 'dogs' of Rug Hunt move faster than most

Jack: And I suppose that's how you survived?

Dominic: No, if things get dangerous I simply run away, that's what's kept me alive

Jack: Really, well if that's true then I can probably trust you. I'll hand him over, as long as you tell me what I want to know

Dominic: Fine, as long as it's within my power, I will grant any request

Jack: Then I'll hand him over gladly

Dominic: It seems we have reached an agreement?

Jack: Of course

Dominic: Excellent. Well what is it you want to know?


Jack: The unregistered Russian ship that docked here a week ago, what was the cargo?

Dominic: Ah, you mean the monster

Jack: Monster?

Dominic: I'm afraid that subject is taboo, even we of Rug Hunt haven't yet gleaned all of it's mysteries. It's something we bought, in the interest of furthering our research

Jack: Where from?

Dominic: We acquired it from a company, in Russia

Jack: Russia?

Dominic: Yes, 40 years ago when it was still the Soviet Union, a team lead by a Professor Clyve produced some research on the construction of bioroids

Jack: Bioroids?

Dominic: Yes I suppose a Bioroid could be described as an advanced life form, but I digress… soon after completing his research the professor… passed away, the cause of death was never discovered. His research disappeared too, along with the other eight members of the research team. Although even then, there were rumours that the research had survived

Jack: So you're saying that the 'monster' is one of these bioroids?

Dominic: Now now, we're getting ahead of ourselves. Fourteen years ago the professor's research surfaced on the black market and was rumoured to have been bought by a large Russian corporation

Jack: So they used the research to build a bioroid?

Dominic: Now this company 'Odorofski', is not far from a town called Udmurtia. Interestingly the number of missing people in Udmurtia has gone up 200% in the last two years, are you following me so far?

Jack: So these missing people are connected to the bioroids somehow...

Dominic: An employee of the Odorofski company tried to tell the papers about the bioroid research, but the article was never published. Instead, the front page read Killer apprehended, charged with the murders of 319 missing persons. The killer of course… was that same employee

Jack: What!

Dominic: His statement was simple, the people were killed to aid in the development of the bioroid, of course nobody believed the last words of a prisoner on death row

Jack: You're serious, this can't be true

Dominic: Inspector Gibson, as far as we know our world is a peaceful place, but just beneath the surface… hell


Jean Jack searches for something in his pockets

Jack: ah sorry, you don't have any eyedrops do you?

Dominic: Eyedrops?

Jack: It's this snow9, it's is getting worse all the time, this past year my allergies have been really playing up

Dominic: Ah, well wait just a moment, I think I have some…

While Dominic is distracted Jean Jack draws his blaster and shoots him

Jack: Sorry, I don't like killing people but… I can't have you getting in my way

As Jean Jack starts to walk away there is an emergency call from Little John

Little John: JACK, JACK, DANGER!!! I'm picking something up, a signal, it's right in front of you!

Strange mechanical sounds start to emanate from Dominic's body as he gets back to his feet

Jack: What the hell?!?

Dominic: Inspector Gibson, this body is amazing even being shot does nothing, i'm so… excited, I can hardly control myself, this takes me back to my youth, those heady days when I was filled with energy. This is true power Hahahahahahahahahahaha

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Suda51's SDATCHER Act 3 Translation

Here it is, a few days later than planned, a translation of Act 3, if you missed the other episodes you can read Act 1 HERE and Act 2 HERE.

Before we start I want to give a big thanks to Kotaku for posting my translation, and also a shout out to the guys at Junker HQ who have put together an awesome YouTube video translation which you can see HERE.

Act 3 introduces one more new character, Robin Goodman, an agent of 'Rug Hunt' (The same criminal group Christian has infiltrated)

This act continues on from where we left off in Act 2, Christian and Steevo enter the mysterious Russian ship at the Neo Kobe docks and discover all the passengers and crew have been murdered, then before they can escape the killer approaches...

The Japanese audio can be found HERE, the show starts at 43 minutes.


Killer: Hmm… Did you see that?

Steevo: Waaa

Killer: You saw that didn't you

Steevo: Mr Gainsborough! Let's get out of here

Killer: What a shame… This is something, that you're not allowed to see... It really is a shame… You were unlucky… i'm afraid I can't let you live.

Chris: Rug Hunt

Killer: What did you say? If my ears don't deceive me… you said Rug Hunt

Chris: I'm asking if you're with Rug Hunt, You always shoot twice, that's one of their trademarks.

Killer: Well I'll answer you're question with another… WHO ARE YOU?!?

Chris: Same as you… I'm with Rug Hunt

Killer: Really? You're with Rug Hunt too? How… disappointing. Why is it then, that you are here?

Chris: Why? Hmm… I was probably called here, summoned by someone… or something

Killer: What an interesting fellow you are… What's you're name?

Chris: My assumed name is… Christian Gainsborough, and who might you be brother?

Killer: Me… I'm Robin Goodman, I'm an agent, same as you. I received orders to kill everyone on this ship… you understand don't you… they were my orders.

Chris: I don't kill people, so I can't say I applaud what you've done here

Robin: I'm not doing it because I like it, I only kill as many as I need to, to get the job done

Chris: But you look so happy… like you're really enjoying yourself

Robin: Haha… I'm just looking after the cargo, to protect something as important as this, I'm afraid it's a necessary evil

Chris: The cargo? What exactly was this boat carrying?

Robin: You want to know?

Chris: Uh

Robin: If I show you… there's no going back

Robin opens one of the ships doors

Chris: Having come so far, I feel obligated to know

Robin: Then I'll answer… fear, unimaginable fear

Chris: Fear?… what do you mean

Robin: You don't need to know any more than that, it's just as I say

Chris: Why can't you just tell me straight?

Robin: Mr Gainsborough, you should be grateful I didn't kill you. You don't understand just how serious this is… but that's ok, if you weren't such a quick witted fellow, I'd have killed you already.

Chris: You'd kill a fellow member of Rug Hunt?

Robin: We are Rug Hunt, we can do whatever we want, even if that means killing a comrade. But please relax, I won't kill you... I hope, we can meet again.

Chris: Where are you going?

Robin: Back to work, my mission isn't complete until I've delivered the cargo. Please take care Mr Gainsborough.

Chris glimpses the ships cargo as Robin takes it away

Chris: What the hell… is that!


We return to the cafe where Christian is talking with Jean Jack

Chris: What the was in that box… that strange low-pitched mechanical humming… it was… it was a monster! A pale red light … like some kind of leech

Jack: Red light? Just what was in that cargo?

Chris: I don't know, I got inside my head… my memories… they're… I keep seeing… things I've never seen before.

Jack: Calm down

Chris: Since I saw it, every night… in my dreams... I die

Jack: Don't worry, nothing can hurt you here

Chris: You're right, could you let me sleep... just a little bit, I think I could sleep here

Jack: Be at ease, we have plenty of time


Chris lays down to sleep and Jack gets out his communicator

Jack: John, did you hear what he said?

Little John: I heard, I'll look for information on the cargo in the shipping records, then i'll check the Russian ship's computer.

Jack: you should check all domestic ports, it's possible it docked somewhere else before Neo Kobe

Little John: Understood! Jack, the phrase he used "Unimaginable Fear", have you heard it anywhere recently?

Jack: I don't seem to remember hearing it at all

Little John: Oh

Jack: you've heard it somewhere?

Little John: Yeah… I feel like I've heard it…

A telephone rings in the distance and the waitress Lisa answers

Little John: anyway leave the investigation to me, i'll look into it throughly

Jack: I'm counting on you


Jack puts away his communicator as Lisa approaches

Lisa: Hey Jack, there's a call for you

Jack: who is it?

Lisa: I asked for a name, but they just kept asking me to pass the phone to Gibson, I think they said… Rug Hunt.. or something

Jack: What!?!... Understood, I'll take it


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Suda51's SDATCHER Act 2 Translation

Act 2 translation completed!

Now at the end of act 1 it seemed that Christian Gainborough, the undercover cop who met our hero Jean Jaques Gibson was in fact, plotting to kill him, so in this episode we're going to see some kind of shootout right!... wrong, instead Christian returns to his seat and begins to tell Jack about something that happened a week ago at the Neo Kobe docks...

This week sees the introduction of one new character, Chris's partner Steevo, a loudmouth who has a habit of constantly taking photos.

Also a translation note, During the conversation with Chris a group called Rug Hunt is mentioned several times, I'm not sure if this is the group Chris is working for, or the criminal organization he has infiltrated, I'm also not sure how to spell it since there is no mention of it on the official website, I'll edit accordingly as soon as it's made clear.

EDIT: Rug Hunt, as it's officially spelt, is the top secret government organisation Christian has infiltrated.

As always you can download the original Japanese audio from here the show starts at the 30 minute mark!


Christian returns to his seat

Jack: Chris, how many years has it been?

Chris: 2 years now

Jack: Two years already, you know you don't look well, how long has it been since you've slept?

Chris: Ha, Not sleeping, that I can deal with

Jack: Are you holding up ok?

Chris: To tell the truth I'm at my limit, I don't think I can take it any more

Jack: What happened?

Chris: Jack, do you have your blaster?

Jack: Of course, you asked me to bring it didn't you

Chris: Jack, I had to tell someone, … I chose you, you understand what that means?

Jack: I understand

Chris: I can't let Rug Hunt find out about this, I have to tell someone… and I can't trust anyone else

Jack: Chris calm down, don't worry, protecting people is my job, and besides, you're an old collegue

Chris: Thanks, Sorry, I think I've finally calmed down

Jack: Don't worry, in your own time

Chris: Listen, this is big, the governments involved… well at this point it's no more that a guess, but I know I'm right

Jack: Chris, what happened? are Rug Hunt involved?

Chris: Something terrible has happened… is… happening. People are after me, it's Rug Hunt I'm sure of it

Jack: whose giving them orders?

Chris: I don't know, they're a top secret organisation, i don't even know any of the other members faces

Jack: but you're sure it's them?

Chris: Yeah, they all work the same way... and give off the same stench

Jack: Chris, there are very few people who know your true identity

Chris: ...Uh

Jack: You're operating under the strictest secrecy, even Rug Hunt has no way of knowing about it

Chris: I know, but i'm being targeted by someone on the inside

Jack: What!

Chris: It happened 1 week ago… An unregistered Russian ship arrived at the Neo Kobe docks, did you hear about it?

Jack: Yeah there was problem when they inspected the cargo

Chris: That's not what really happened. The cargo… it disappeared

Jack: Disappeared!?!

Chris: Yeah… along with that man


Rewind to 1 week ago at the Neo Kobe docks

Chris: Steevo, what's going on, weren't we expecting a ship from Mexico

Steevo: You tell me, I have no idea, i'm looking into it as fast as i can but nobody knows what's going on, it's complete chaos

Chris: Where did it come from?

Steevo: Russia, I ran the number through the system but… this ship… it doesn't exist

Chris: An unregistered ship,

Steevo: This could be serious, i mean, we should be careful

Chris: Are there any weapons around here?

Steevo: None what-so-ever

Chris: Just my luck

They walk towards the boat

Steevo: That's the one, over there

Chris: It's definitely suspicious, a ship like this, in this day and age

Steevo: Been real quiet since they docked, not even a sound.

Chris: And they haven't broadcast any signal?

Steevo: None, ...Man I can't deal with this right now!

Chris: Shit! I hate people getting in the way of me doing my job!

Steevo: Mr Gainsborough, please don't do anything stupid

A door opens

Steevo: Eh… it opened

Chris: Uh!

Steevo: It's almost like we're being invited in

Chris: Sure seems that way doesn't it

Steevo: Wait what are you doing?

Chris: We've come this far, no backing out now… I'm going in

Steevo: Please be careful

Chris: Don't be bashful, I know you want to know what's in here just as much as me

Steevo: Eh… What… Just wait a second


Steevo reluctantly enters with Chris

Steevo: This place gives me the creeps, like a ghost ship… you know that ride at the theme park…

yeah… it's just like that... I really… like it in here...

Chris: Just calm down will you

Steevo: Hey, we can't all be like you you know

Chris: Anything could happen… so get ready

Steevo: I wonder if there's ghosts in here… or zombies… Man I really don't want to be eaten by a zombie... I've got so much left to give

Chris opens the last door

Chris: This is awful

Steevo: Bodies...their all… their all dead

Chris: It seems everyone on the boat has been killed…

There is a noise of a blaster being fired close by

Chris: Blaster shots! Looks like we interrupted someone before they'd finished

Steevo: This can't be real… I mean... I must be dreaming… let's get out of here... please

Chris: It's too late to get out now

Footsteps approach

Steevo: Someone's coming

Chris: Steevo, get back and be quiet… shit, you should get out of here… quickly

Steevo: You don't need to ask me twice... Oh please let me get out of here in one piece!


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Suda51's SDATCHER Act 1 Translation

So I decided to start translating the Japanese radio drama SDACHER, written by SUDA51 and based on Hideo Kojima's cyber punk adventure snatcher. Now before I start I just want to say that this is a pretty quick and dirty translation, just something to give you an idea of what's going on. If you want to listen to the original Japanese version you can find it HERE although the drama doesn't actually start until about 27 minutes in.

The first act introduces us to four characters, the hero, Jean Jack Gibson (Jack), His robotic side-kick Little John. Lisa Nielsen, a waitress at the Warsaw diner, and smuggler (and undercover cop) Christian Gainborough.

OK... let's do this...


Woman's Voice : This is an automatic answering service, please leave a message after the beep.

Jack: Alice, It's me.

Please give me a call, It won't take long, I just want to talk to you…

I don't want it to end like this...

If not for me, then for Katrina… She misses you, and she's waiting for you to come back.

Woman's Voice : Message received


Jack: This world is born from despair, the people stare back into hopelessness.

An unexplained illness weakens their bodies and decays their minds, but, we don't give up.

Ever searching, pushing forward, trusting that one day we'll find something better.

That people possess such power… well it gives me some hope.

It's this small hope that gets me through.

The world is changing, I can accept that…

but this winter, The winter of 2038 has been colder and harsher than any before it.

...because my wife Alice Gibson suddenly and mysteriously disappeared


Little John: Jean Jack Gibson, something is bothering you, a private problem.

Jack: You were listening to that?

Little John: Even if you don't turn the volume up I can hear everything you say, in future please do me the courtesy of ceasing transmission with me before you use the phone.

Jack: That's a bad habit you have

Little John: Say there was a cute girl wearing a mini-skirt right in front you, would you look.

Jack: …Uh

Little John: It's the same thing, nobody can resist poking into other peoples private lives.

Jack: I don't suppose anyone told you we're police officers.

Little John: Actually, I'm programmed first to be a member of the General Public.

Jack: Well do what you want

Little John: But if you have a problem, You can talk to me, I'll always be here.

Jack: I think I'll pass.

Little John: Jack, it's almost time.

Jack: Let's get this over with quick, then head over to Chinatown for some lunch.

Little John: Great!

Jack: Make a reservation at the usual place.

Little John: "Transmission" That Chinese place right!

Jack: That's right.


Jean Jack whistles as he steps out of the turbocycle

Little John: That's a nice tune, what's it called

Jack: It's an old song from the 00s

Little John: I'll search my databanks…

An alarm sounds

Little John: Jack, as a precaution I'll end transmission here.

Jack: Understood

Jean Jack enters the Warsaw diner

Lisa: Hi Jack, been a while hasn't it

Jack: Yeah I've been busy with work, but don't think for one second I ever forgot how good your fried rice tastes, but even more than that…

Lisa: …more that that?

Jack: I had to see your smile again

Lisa: Really! You know this smile isn't for everyone, it's a special smile just for you.

Jack: You're the best

Lisa: I'm sorry, but I can't believe anything a policeman tells me

Jack: That's a shame

Lisa: The coffee's on the house by the way.

Lisa walks away and Jean Jack talks into his communicator

Jack: Can you hear me?

Little John: Yes, filtering out background noise, please continue talking at that volume.

Little John: That girl, is she a friend of yours?

Jack: Two or three years ago, she used to be in charge all the "sales" in this town

Little John: I can't believe a big fish like that…

Jack: It's all in the past now, after I caught her she took on a new identity. I'm just looking out for her until she finds her feet.

She's become a fine upstanding member of society hasn't she.

Little John: She's gone down in my estimations

Jack: Wait a second, that's pretty harsh

Little John: Jack, there doesn't appear to be any problem with the wireless, the signal is stable.

I'm monitoring all conversations in the building…wait… I've confirmed the arrival of one Christian Gainsborough,

He'll be entering the Warsaw diner shortly.

Jack: Understood

Little John: He's parked the car, it's an exceptional car isn't it

Jack: Yeah, a really beauty. worthy of a charismatic smuggler like him.

Little John: He's entering the building

Christian, obviously troubled, sits down with Jean Jack

Christian: I wasn't followed was I?

Jack: Don't worry

Christian: …and nobody knows about us meeting here

Jack: Don't worry about that either

Christian: Jack, you've never called me right?

Jack: I said, don't worry, please calm down Chris

Christian: Yeah you're right, I have to get ahold of myself… could I get a coffee

Jack: Lisa!

Lisa: Yes?

Jack: One coffee please!

Lisa: Coming right up!

Christian: Before we talk… can I use the bathroom, I can't hold it any longer

Jack: Yeah, take your time.

Christian: Thanks


Christian enters the bathroom and knocks on a stall

Christian: I've made contact with the target, he's armed

Unknown voice: Leave a sign? something so I can recognise him?

Christian: Impossible, just use your eyes

Unknown voice: Any distinguishing features?

Christian: He's in his fifties, wearing a trench coat, but I expect he'll have taken it off by now, he's wearing a suit underneath.

He has a bandage on his left hand, look for that.

Unknown voice: Understood

Christian: Do it quietly please, i don't want him to suffer

Unknown voice: I'll see what I can do… but don't get your hopes up.


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