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It could be easy to just move on with our lives, those of us who didn't know you personally Ryan. But man, do I miss you. I grew up with you guys at GameSpot. You were my heroes back in the day and continue to be. Jeff, Greg, Ryan, Alex, etc. You guys made me laugh, you guys helped me understand games. The love I have for them now is all because of you. You don't know how much this has affected me. I had trouble going to sleep yesterday and I cried for a man I didn't even know. But I like to believe I did in some way. A guy like Ryan, who could easily have been a friend of mine. Who gave himself, honestly, to what he did. Who I relate to so deeply, who I wished was a close friend. I could only watch you guys from afar, but I was laughing intimately. It sucks so god damn much to know such a great guy is gone. I can't imagine how much this is affecting everyone who actually gravitated close to Ryan. I can't thank you enough for everything you did Ryan. I, Renato Oliveira, will miss you profoundly man. I really, really am.