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So Minecraft is finally becoming a game?

Actually I think it's becoming less of a game?

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I'd be into joining up with some people for co-op campaign! add me. Just got it today.

GT: ZacMof

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Just make Bad Company 3 next. 2 was such a great game, great characters. The person in this thread who said put those characters in the next battlefront, yes. Put the Bad Company guys in every EA game

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I saw this when I got home from work today, and I think I'm still in shock.

For what it's worth, my heart weighs heavy for the GB Crew and his family and loved ones. If I feel the way I do I can't even fathom how everyone who was actually close to him must feel. It won't be the same without him, but he'll live on in us all. I know that sounded dumb, but I mean it, sincerely.

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I think something that is important to remember here is that you don't get to decide what words me to other people. If someone finds a word offensive, for what ever reason, then that's their prerogative. For some people in the LGBT community they associate that word with people literally hating them for who they are. That's something that isn't easy to stop thinking about, specifically for young people. And, of course this is something that should change, but the best way for that to happen is for people like Ryan to not condone it. Ryan is absolutely in the right by apologizing, here.

Now, Bishop113, it seems your friends have had the fortune to not have grown up in such oppression, but remember some have not been so lucky.