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S'mores are the only Pop-Tarts I will even remotely get down with.

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Here is a great icebreaker tutorial to help you meet your future mate:

  1. Stand near a group of conversing girls (Ladies).
  2. When / If you hear them laughing together, start uproariously laughing along with them, but with a bit more gusto and volume.
  3. When they turn to look at you, keep laughing and say, "I know! right?"
  4. Pull out your Girl's Numbers Moleskine and a #2 pencil, ask them all for their numbers.
  5. If you get any numbers (note: you will.), ask them out on dates.
  6. If you go out on one of the dates, wear a tuxedo, take her to a scenic outlook.
  7. While out on the date, while wearing a tuxedo, at a scenic outlook, reach behind her back and gingerly poke her on her shoulder furthest from you (note: this is a great and playful trick to play on a date).
  8. Before she turns around and looks at you with a perturbed expression, but after she turns to see who was gingerly poking her on the shoulder, get down on one knee and hold up your great grandparents wedding ring that was given to you by your mother on your 16th birthday.
  9. Don't shake too much.
  10. Propose.

The great thing about this great icebreaker tutorial is that if it doesn't work you can just repeat it over and over until it does. Good luck.

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This is my 5 month old kitten Jack, he has one eye. I adopted him in October, he's great.

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I'm pretty sad they took away 'search for web' in Spotlight so you can't just go to Spotlight when you want to Google things.

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The back-half / endings of Indigo Prophecy were such a let down and felt rushed / lazy. I had such high hopes for that game in the beginning, story-wise.

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I don't think we're listening to the same podcast. Drew is most definitely Stryker, not Shang Tsung.

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Rogue Legacy, Home, YS I + YS II, will probably also pick up Metro: Last Light at some point.

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I also agree with this.