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I just got a bike a few months ago having not ridden since I was a kid. I asked some bike-freaks at work for advice and this is what they told me:

  • get a second-hand bike, you can get great parts for less, whereas new bikes are like new cars, extremely overpriced.
  • make sure the brakes (and gear parts) are metal, plastic ones have a lot of give and get wrecked quickly.
  • have a quick look at the shimano (or SRAM I guess) gears range because they have a bunch of different 'levels' for their parts, and the budget ones aren't very good at all.
  • make sure you get the right size for you, there are plenty of measuring charts online.
  • don't get a full suspension bike, the good ones cost a lot. Even bikes with front shocks are unnecessary unless you're hitting trails hard.
  • get an aluminium frame if you have to carry the bike anywhere. Someone also told me they ride better.
  • don't worry about mudguards, tires (the rubber), panniers, racks, or any of that other periphery crap, you can buy them separately for cheap.

That's about all I remember, but I ended up with an awesome bike that rides superbly for €100. It was top of the range about 10 years ago, and as it hasn't been used much still feels like a great bike.

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Learn A E and D chords (finger placements) practice changing between them. Then learn a couple more chords. Then get some tabs of songs you like and practice it. That's pretty much how anyone learns.

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Christ! I was expecting somthing vague like fall 2014. I've been waiting for this for years, I hope it was worth it.

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Snake Adventure Cobra

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Cavia - the company that made Nier - were disbanded, so we're never getting a sequel.

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I was so happy when I switched to contacts and should have done it years ago. Playing sports with glasses was a real pain, so was walking in the rain, walking into a hot bar when it's cold outside, eating a steaming bowl of noodles, having no periphery vision, showering while half-blind, having marks on my nose, wearing over-ear headphones, having to constantly clean them, ugh...

I would recommend at least trying them to anyone, they're so much easier to use than I had imagined.

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I think it does take a lot away from the story. The surprising turns in the game (which are brilliant) work so much better when you're the father - the whole game does.

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@professoress: Yeah I think microsoft did the math, and better than I can for sure. But I think they came to a similar conclusion - that there are a lot of gamers who cannot buy the xbone. I think that's why they emphasised the TV features so heavily in their reveal - they NEED to bring in a lot of non-gamers and new buyers to the xbone to compensate and make it a sustainable, let alone successful, system.

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@fearbeard: $50 worth of steam games? Yes, I'll take it.

By dead let's say I mean that the console will sell less than 3.5 million by the end of 2015. For reference, the 360 sold 11 million in its first two years. And I'll add the caveat that the ps4 has to sell over 15 million by then too.