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@Devil240Z: I turned off both custom soundtracks and now the game works fine. Really sucks though, I loved blasting my own tunes in the menus and while racing. Thanks none of the less though.
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My GT5 today just out of no where keeps crashing after being in the menu for 30 seconds and it does that every single time. Doesn't matter what part of the menu I go to and it freezes. So I get rid of the game data download the updates again and reinstall it and it's still doing the same thing. Help would be greatly appreciated.

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So I've been playing the shit out of the demo, anyways after 2 hours of playing I suddenly got a map called Pier 17 (or something like that). It was a really good map, but I've played about 20 - 30 games and I've only gotten this map once. Also I looked at all the trailers and ever Crytek said there is one map in the demo. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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I've had many awesome times on Bad Company 2.  
One game me and my squad joined a match of Squad Rush and at the start we only had two tickets left, so we all became medics. Moving very very slowly making sure not one of us died and if one did he just got revived and were back to 2 lives and we ended up wining and the other team rage quiting as soon as the next match started. It was by far one of the most intense matches I've played. 
One that happened to me on Vietnam yesterday, was were me and two teammates were in a jeep. I see two enemies behind some cover, so I charge in there. As soon as we drove over the cover literally the WHOLE TEAM was in this one spot all spraying M60s at us and we killed all of them.  
I really REALLY hope BF3 has a theater mode.

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I've been thinking about getting a Gaming Headset for my Xbox. The Trittions look nice, but i have a bit of a bad history with Madcatz products. Also I'm a little ways away from my TV and I don't feel like being stuck to my Xbox. I'm also wondering if the Trittions have mic monitoring, I personally like being able to hear what i say clearly. Which ones do you guys prefer?

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Just some ideas for DLC.  
Forge World came with 5 maps out of the box.  
Asylum (Sanctuary from H2), Pinnacle (Acension from H2),  Hemmorrhage (Blood Gulch from H1), Paradiso and The Cage. 
I think the DLC should be a Forge World map. One being an Urban environment, another one with a sandy environment and one with a snowy environment. 
Urban Environment would have remakes of Turf , Headlong (Best ever BTB map) and Terminal. 
Sandy Should have remakes of Relic, Burial Mounds and an underground part that has a remake of Water Works. 
and the snowy should remake Sidewinder, Containment and Lockout.  
What do you think the DLC Should have?

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It's good to see they are not using a different voice acter for Reznov. Oldman did a great job overall in World at War.

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 Portal 2 or HL2 Episode 3 if it does come out in 2011