So. I really will blog this time!

Oh dear.

So it appears that i am very bad at keeping to a schedule regarding posting. This will change! Starting today, a blog about a various Game topic or question from anyone, i will try and answer swiftly, and honestly!

First one for today.

The state of handheld Gaming (Part 1)

I personally think, there is a case for keeping the handheld console alive. Unfortunately with devices like the iPhone, the Galaxy S3, iPad, BB Playbook.. and so on, we have a serious black hole of purpose for custom handhelds. The desire for the devices we carry to be an all in one entertainment hub, complete with instant connectivity to our friends and the world around us i think caught everybody off guard a few years back.

Nintendo went (as is their style these days) in a totally sideways direction, using the industry's latest gimmick (3D) as it's major selling point. The hardware will never be incredible, given Nintendo's desire for innovation and game play over raw power and aesthetics in their games.

Sony on the other hand, took the best part of it's rivals bestseller (the touchscreen) and expanded upon it, to create a kind of beastly device that does all the things people are looking for, but in such a iffy form factor that it has become a bit of a Frankenstein in terms of handhelds. Not exactly a dinky pocket-sized portable device, but a kind of coffee table PS3. It is awkward to carry with you as a result, and despite its beautiful looks suffers from poor UI design.

Compare to the iPad, an all in one device. No buttons save for the home button, and an all touch interface. What it does better then BOTH devices is its ability to give you on the fly access to games, music, films and books and STILL manages to do it without many lock-ups or convoluted systems. Apple has their UI nailed and although IOS is struggling to compete with Android in terms of new innovations i feel that it really has got its background architecture just right.

So where do we go from here? In terms of dedicated platforms for portable gaming, i think that ship sailed a few years ago, the Vita and the 3DS exist because both companies wanted to keep their legacies going, and i cant fault that. But a wise business move? I don't believe so.

Any questions/ hints/ critiques feel free below and on the PM. Part 2 coming tommorow!


I Love The Witcher

So far i'm 20+ hours into The Witcher, and 10+ hours into The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, and i love them both. I can see why they are held in such high regard, mainly the Witcher 2 for its amazing art style & graphical prowess, and obviously story driven multi-pathed gameplay.

I'll try and get round to writing a review of them in due time (week or so), but for now i'm going to experiment some with mods, and general gameplay tweaks.

I also need to blog more so some topics would be great, any questions about Game let me know! I'll do my best!


First day of Premium :)

So as part of my new routine, i gave in and bought premium. It's awesome. I'm going to start regularly blogging too about my gaming/ experiences as a former GAME employee, and hope to let people know a few of the processes behind such a job. Stay tuned! If anyone's got any questions/ suggestions of topics to get me started i'd be really grateful!