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Kratos on the go! 1

Nothing soothes hack-n-slash fans more than blood spewing everywhere on to the screen and God of War loves to fill that need. In the series premiere on a portable system, God of War: Chains of Olympus definitely fulfills the gory need of so many gamers. The story follows Kratos as he continues doing the gods' dirty work in which they send him to Atticus to horde off the invading Persian army. Kratos has to kill more than just a Persian army when he has to kill a Basilisk that is destroying the ...

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Falls short of great. 0

I'm happy to say that the first Medal of Honor game on the 360 didn't disappoint, however, it didn't really thrill either. In other words, the game was good but not great. The story is obviously based in WWII, but you are in the Airborne Division of the U.S. Army. This is something new to the franchise. Usually in MoH you are in the Marines. This change, however made the game unique and brought something new to a over-saturated franchise. You start each mission jumping (or being pushed) out of ...

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Grows on you! 0

I remember the day back in 2004 when Half-Life 2 came out, after 6 years of waiting, when people told me I had to play it. I ignored them because I wasn't then, nor am I now, a PC gamer. When I got GameFly earlier this year I saw The Orange Box and thought about Portal and said, “Hey, I should play Portal.” After beating Portal, I went on to play Half-Life 2. I wasn't expecting anything amazing but it definitely was. The Orange Box obviously is a collection of games so I will divide the reviews ...

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Don't think, just buy! 0

Remember the times before the PlayStation and the infamous Mortal Kombat that started the ESRB and all the video game haters such as Jack Thompson and Hillary Clinton to start going psycho and hating every gamer. Back when Mario and a little blue hedgehog reined king. Of course you do, but those times are long gone thanks to Rockstar.In early July 1998 a little game came out for the PC and PS1 known as Grand Theft Auto. As the name states you steal cars and do whatever the hell you want as well....

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Some Glitches, but Overall Good 0

Ahh, school. Everyone remembers the times when you ran around trying to get to math class while being chased by bigger kids with minds that are more full of ego rather than smarts. Okay, well maybe that was just me but, nonetheless, we know what school is. Some of us are done with it others, such as myself, arenearing the end. But we all know the basic principles. Rockstar takes all those principles and, as they usually do, expands them and makes them full ofcrude, yet humorous, moments and puts...

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