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Bought a Wii U recently, and I have no friends :(

Feel free to add me, I have MK8, Rayman Legends (leaderboards), and on the verge of picking up Monster Hunter, just wary of playing solo. I have a bunch others, but not sure they have any online connectivity.

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I got fired from a nice cushy insurance job. My girlfriend of six years broke up with me the day after when her parents offered her a car to do it.

Just time duder, just time.

Bittersweet comfort, but if she was willing to give your relationship of 6 years up for a car, probably not the one.

Yeah. Just try to be happy that you're not dating an apparently horrible person with an apparently horrible family anymore.

Just...fuck me.. damn man. Also who throws away 6 years for a fucking car? And what Sick family makes that offer in the first place?

Not a sick family; just one that apparently really hates the OP. As far as throwing away a long-term relationship for a car, either the chick was really shallow or there's something not being said. Either way, condolences.

I'd say that's pretty sick. It sounds like something that would happen in a movie, and be somewhat commonplace, but in the real world that's a pretty awful thing to even offer. If their family REALLY disliked the OP I get it, but dangling a carrot in front of their daughter to bail on him is not a healthy response.

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My only complaint is me related - I have an 8 week old daughter so gaming time is very limited. The little bit of AC4 I've played has been fantastic, BF4 has been great (and with minimal issues compared to what I've read everyone else has dealt with), Resogun isn't usually my cup of tea but it's enjoyable.

I turned on my ps3 recently to do something and it was painful to navigate after getting used to the ps4 - and I didn't have major issues with the ps3 infrastructure outside of lack of a party system.

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This. So much of this.

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PST/MST (Arizona, we don't change our clocks, we change our timezones)

AC4 & BF4

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Thanks for the invite, really enjoying the game.

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PS3 request sent - though it keeps saying request failed.

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@slowbird: Maybe that's what it is. I've never pictured him as an actual person. Good call.

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I'm 10 minutes in and that makes me want to play iracing, and simultaneously NEVER play iracing. Just based on how I've fared against you in Forza I'm sure I'm the asshole that's going to screw everything up. I get nervous enough on Race Night that I'm going to screw it up, can't imagine how nervous I'd be at the start.

But damn it looks intense and fun at the same time.

Side note - you don't look anything like I thought you would. Not that I ever pictured you in any way, I think its more like when you see a picture of the disk jockey you've been listening to for years.