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I'm 3050-8872-5641 name: Webster

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@thepudgeman Any chance you could make a tournament, or is it possible to let others make a club tournament?

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Is anyone else seeing weird numbers in their player stats? I show that I have 16 hole outs off green, but I remember only holing out once - from about 120 yards. I also show 35 hit the pins, and I've done that maybe four or five times tops. I've only played four complete rounds, so hitting the pin 35 times seems implausible.

I also thought perhaps that number was your cumulative yardage of doing that, but the holing out seems to shoot a hole in that theory.

It also seems strange that I would have 98 long drives - especially since my distance is currently topped out at 50. I remember seeing it pop up that I got bonus xp for a long drive less than half a dozen times.

It shows that I have the four complete rounds, but 184 holes played. I have barely done any of the other stuff outside of career, and clearly not done much of the career. It's not a huge deal, but just seems strange - or else I'm just misinterpreting things.

Anybody else have all kinds of things that don't line up?

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I joined a few minutes ago via the website as I was rendering my game face. The instant I clicked to join my xbox locked up - so maybe don't do that?

Our club championship is going to be epic.

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This is my first attempt at a baseball game in nearly a decade - the last one I tried was whatever the franchise was in 2005 for PS2. It was fun, but I couldn't find a balance difficulty wise. I like to try to play sports sims somewhat realistically (not shooting 47's in Tiger Woods or averaging 85 points per game in NBA 2K?), and in that game I would either hit somewhere in the .800-900 range on easy, or I could make a great hitter a sub .200 guy on medium.

However, a number of blurbs for MLB13 The Show mentioned beginner mode, and since I had a bunch of credit at GameStop I figured 'Why not?' and jumped in. First and foremost, the timing could not be better - after fighting with SimCity on my laptop for a couple hours while trying to watch some TV with my wife she went to bed and I got the TV to myself. I only got the chance to dabble for a few hours in the Road to the Show before spending 10 minutes poking around the franchise mode - which seemed fine.

Road to the Show absolutely seems like what I've been looking for in a baseball game. I made my guy a second baseman, and decided I'd like to stay with my hometown Diamondbacks, so right now I'm playing for their Double A team, the Mobile Baybears. What I love about it is that when my team is batting its just numbers on a screen with a graph showing what's happening (you can watch if you'd like) until it's my turn to bat. When its the other team's turn it treats it the same way - unless the next play is going to require me to field it - then it breaks in, I run over, grab the ground ball and throw it to whatever base I think I should. I've only botched that once, and that's because the buttons seem to be reversed. Since I'm playing 2nd Base, my view is a third person view from behind my guy, so the square button is throw it to first - and normally that should be circle. The fact that you can play a game in roughly 10 minutes or less is a godsend for me. I don't like simming game after game, but with baseball you almost have to - there's just too much to play when it takes nearly an hour. But knowing that I can spend an hour playing and knock out at least five games - I think I'm going to be far more likely to keep at it.

There's a bit of RPG leveling up in that you get points for doing well in the game (or lose points for doing poorly, I've lost 10 points several times by getting caught stealing), and luckily (I can't believe I'm saying this) I'm elated that I preordered the game from GameStop. In doing so I got 12,000 points to allocate (in two 6,000 point bundles) - and that is huge. I started my guy just using the normal points - I think 400 is what you start with. I played a game, went 1-4, and felt okay about that. After tinkering I found where I could cash in one of the 6,000 points, and my guy stopped sucking so bad. I had a game with two home runs, but I still only went 3-5 that game.

I started out on beginner, and it seems like there is a separate leveling up system for beginners. I'm now level 4/6 in beginner mode, and I'm starting to see more pitches other than fastballs down the middle. I don't know what will happen when I get 6/6, I'm guessing it will kick me up a notch and then I'll suck for a little while, but that is why I haven't cashed in the other 6,000 points. I plan on making a pitcher as well, and if the later stages of batting continues to flummox me like it used to I'll stick with my arm.

I also plan on messing around in Franchise, probably this evening, as well as doing a multiuser season, but we will see if that comes to fruition or not. For the time being, RTTS gets a big thumbs up from me.

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I'd like to get in on something

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I'd like to get in on something

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I'd like to get in on this

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I'm trying to fight the urge to start earmarking funds to buy this at launch. I've been hosed by too many console launches, but man does it look enticing. I already got the tentative go ahead from my wife, though she could have been sarcastic. Better to ask forgiveness than permission, right?

Also, this may be the only thing I've read online about the PS4 that had a string of comments excited for it. Sometimes I forget that the GB community isn't all jaded dicks and many people actually like liking things. Good job everybody.

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Not sure if anyone's still playing, but I applied to the Xbox clan.