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Meh, I am so tired of people saying that cars won't be fast or interesting to drive in the future. As long as people want them, someone will figure it out. Tesla and Fisker have already, wait till we figure out fuel cells better or improve the battery tech as well as using composite materials. Heck, the Porsche hybrid RSR beat all the GT cars at the ALMS race at Laguna last weekend while running uncategorized.

Do people honestly believe that Ferrari are going to build Prius type cars in the future? No, they will be exciting and wild, just like a Ferrari today is.

I don't think anyone thinks Ferrari is going to stop making amazing sports cars/super cars, but how many people can afford a Ferrari? Or a Tesla, Fisker or Porsche? More and more mainstream car manufacturers are doing away with their "fun" cars. Honda and Toyota don't make anything to drive around a track anymore, will others follow suit? Sure hope not, but it is definitely a possibility. Toyota has been rumored to be bringing their Subaru collaboration out for some time, but who knows what/when it'll be when it sees the light of day. Honda canned the S2000 (to me an embodiment of a modern sports car, it's fun to drive at 15 mph) and was rumored to be bringing the S3000, but with a lot more weight and more power, effectively killing what the car was. They finally put the NSX out of its misery but scrapped its replacement altogether (not that the NSX was originally an affordable car, or the replacement was going to be anywhere south of $120k), another bummer.

The flipside to all of that is what's happened to engine output in the last ~10 years. Relatively speaking, everything is quick off the line these days, but even with ~280 horsepower you wouldn't want to track a Chrysler Town & Country, but 5 years ago a Crossfire would've been fun to toss around.

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@grayfox1210: The CSR wheel by Fanatec was put on their website earlier this week. It's $250, and works for all three platforms, so not really an inexpensive option. I got a GT2 wheel from them last week which is awesome (not complaining about the timing, I'd rather have the GT2 over the CSR), but the new wheel is supposed to be shipped by October 15th, and from what I've read they've had problems hitting deadlines in the past.

Either way, Fanatec is definitely not a cheap option, but it's a very good one. The search for the decently priced, and decently quality level wheel for the 360 continues.

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I've had a GT2 wheel (and Club Sport Pedals, equally as important) about a week and I can honestly say I'm not ever going back to racing games with a controller. I've always been decent at racing sims with a joystick, not really noteworthy or anything but I can play most games on medium difficulty levels and win, except for tracks that have long sweeping turns, I've never been good at micro corrections with a controller, with a wheel it's ...well...exactly how you think it should be. That's not a big surprise. What is the big surprise is that I've always been a third person view kind of guy for racing games (because being in the cockpit feels foreign...keep in mind I've driven ~180,000 miles in the real world...from inside a car...I know, it makes no sense whatsoever) but now having a wheel I can't race in third person perspective. My first race was on easy, against Honda Fit's and the equivalent, I was in a stock Ferrari 360 Modena, and I took second. Not my proudest moment.

Only gripe so face about the wheel isn't actually about the wheel, its about the sequential shifter. The standard gated 6 speed H shifter feels too weird, plus I drive a manual transmission daily (2011 VW GTI 4 door) so going to back to a sequential or paddles is nice (previous car was a 2003 BMW M3 with SMG tranny) but they've reversed the sequential order. In the BMW you pull the stick toward you to upshift (1 -> 2 or 2 -> 3), and you push it away from you (toward the radio/dashboard) to downshift (4->3 etc) and after doing that thoughtlessly for three or four years and ~30,000 miles I can't go opposite of it. Luckily blowing a shift doesn't destroy the engine in the M5 I'm driving, but I think it means I can pull the little rods out of the side of the wheel because the shifters are going to be unused.

Unless the next Clubsport shifter is awesome...

One side note, I did a lot of research about this wheel, and there was a lot of negative reviews regarding its use with Forza 3. Apparently people think that Forza 3 doesn't make the force feedback kick in hard enough. I'm not sure what they can possibly be talking about. I've got the wheel at half strength, and it still pulls a phenomenal amount. Me thinks some people may be overly picky...kind of like complaining about the sequential shifter being backward. :D

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@Cwaff: Ouch...if it makes you feel any better I started CJ Spiller (-.4 points) over Daniel Thomas (19 points) to lose by 5. So unbelievably stupid.

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Ignoring the Giants/Eagles game every morning game was a single possession win...can't remember the last time I've seen that. Lots of good (or bad) football being played this week.

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Is there a secret handshake a new guy needs to learn? :D

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Bastion was awesome, Trenched is fun, Stacking was great as well.

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Forza 3

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I had a couple go throughs of the demo at PAX (on 360, didn't try the PC version) and it was a blast. Day one download for sure.

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While it's nowhere near as long as GT5's way cool video opening, Clarkson seals how awesome this one is. And brings up a great point, will there be fun cars to drive 20 years from now or will the only ones left be all about about efficiency? And yet one more iteration of the last Pagani Zonda.