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Not sure if anyone's still playing, but I applied to the Xbox clan.

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I realize that the 2012 release date isn't happening, here's to hoping it isn't too deep into 2013.

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First post updated with all the names from this latest wave - sorry I've been slacking on updating.

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I'd pay money to be a fly on the wall in that office today. Not because I want to watch someone have their ass handed to them - I want to hear the excuse why someone thought this was a good idea to begin with.

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I'll check Amazon for Xcom, Sleepy Dogs, Arkham City maybe a few others. Not gonna wade into a store though, made that mistake a few years ago and I won't repeat it.

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Watching that made me remember the first time I used the word fuck it was directed toward the Duck Hunt dog. Got in some trouble for that. Nice find though.

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The farther away from Forza Horizon I get the more I like Need For Speed. Not that FH is the better game, but I like the single player portion substantially more, and I like the way the cars handle more, but I S-Ranked it about a week ago and haven't gone back.

That being said, the multiplayer aspects of NFS are phenomenal. Each time I've put a multiplayer session together I've been able to get somewhere from 5-7 players, all RL friends or Duders from here, and it has been one of the more enjoyable video game experiences I've had in a decade. The flip side is after 30-45 minutes of playing single player I want to unplug my Xbox and drop it in a swimming pool so I don't have to play any more single player. I really dislike the single player for some reason. Probably the police presence.

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We had 5-7 guys going for a few hours tonight, and the more multiplayer I play the more I enjoy this game. I definitely need to refine some speed lists, because a few of the events are somewhat lackluster, but for the most part the challenges and speed tests are fantastic.

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I thought the quest was funny, but ultimately felt bad for the little guy.

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@Bozo said:

I will buy this game for the ridiculous name, and will probably become frustrated with cock blocking interrogation sequences where you cannot discern what the whores are hiding in their underdrawers, and I will likely not get the vidyagame poontang everybody is expecting from this game because I am insecure about my masculinity. They could all be trannies and you wouldn't even know.

I know it may not mean much, but this post alone made me click the follow button below your picture. I think it was the phrase "vidjagame poontang" that did it. I have a new name for my fantasy football team.