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@Bozo said:

I will buy this game for the ridiculous name, and will probably become frustrated with cock blocking interrogation sequences where you cannot discern what the whores are hiding in their underdrawers, and I will likely not get the vidyagame poontang everybody is expecting from this game because I am insecure about my masculinity. They could all be trannies and you wouldn't even know.

I know it may not mean much, but this post alone made me click the follow button below your picture. I think it was the phrase "vidjagame poontang" that did it. I have a new name for my fantasy football team.

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I have updated the table on page 1, and sent every single one of you a friend invite (unless you already did so to me).

I should post a picture of my autolog, it's almost depressing pulling off what felt like a pretty good time to see that I'm 51st on the board. Kind of gives weight to actually being at the top of the list, I'd strongly recommend you guys do so.

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@mcmax3000 said:

I must say, to the topic creator, your XBL avatar is fantastic.

Also, we should consider setting up a specific GB Community multiplayer night or something, so a bunch of us can play together.

Thanks man, every time I see a billboard with my avatar picture its a reminder of October 19th.

And good call on having a multiplayer night, I've been in a couple 5-7 Duder groupings and it's been nothing shy of hilarious.

I don't know if someone else wants to take the reigns on setting something up - I'd be happy to try but I gotta get approval from my wife first before I spend a whole evening driving into people on the internet. Also I don't want to interfere/compete with and Race Night Thursday or Forza Horizon on Tuesday. Maybe something kinda late/later on Wednesday would work.

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I have a new nightmare.

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Any chance one of you would purchase my design? GT is Starburns Lives. I'd be happy to return the favor.

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My major issue with the game is the driving dynamics - they are awful. While doing multiplayer challenges and messing around I can look past that pretty quickly, but racing against the computer puts the worst part of the game in the spotlight and simply adding more isnt likely to make me enjoy it. I liked driving in Saints Row 3 more than this game, but the MP aspect is a blast.

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Bully. I wanted to like it, but just couldn't. It hasn't aged well.

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@GinjaAssassin said:

We do have good renters insurance and the recent (2011) laptop has full AppleCare coverage, so we might come out of this with our heads held higher than most.

I am very sorry to hear this happen to you, but it is good to hear you have renter's insurance. I run a property management company, and the number of times we've rented a home to someone who looks at us crazy for suggesting they get renter's insurance would probably surprise you. Especially considering how inexpensive it is compared to most other types of insurance.

Anyway, I hope everything works out in your favor, and glad to hear the only thing missing was material stuff that can be replaced - no injuries, no irreplaceable wedding album, etc.

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I believe I've now sent a friend request to anyone who hasn't already done so to me. Work couldn't take any longer to end today...

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First post has been updated. Keep 'em comin!