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Where are you seeing these tickets? PAX only uses badges that I've ever been aware for attendees, and as you mentioned, those are completely sold out.

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Fixed that other thread being in the right place, and it seems like a good place to continue any discussion on this ESPN/TI4 partnership. Thanks!

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@mouse: I am personally reeeeeally against the idea of stepping Formula Duder up to the DW12, unless it's incredibly easy to drive, but if that's what people end up demanding...well, can't fight the future, I suppose.

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Yep, it works.

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@mouse: While I'm not entirely against it, I could see that becoming an issue with the other mods as 3-4 threads is kind of spammy for the Recent Topics view, so it's probably best to avoid that idea.

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@khann: I've got a blog coming on the new season -- just wanted to wait until the Formula Duder stuff was locked in before starting it.

That said, if we want to start a brand new thread for season three, let me know and I can coordinate that with you and @slowbird.

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I'm going to lock this thread down. The Horizon car club not only was a gigantic pain in the butt to keep up with only 100 spots and no reasonable way to tell who was active or not, it offered almost no benefit outside of leaderboards. We haven't been getting people in for the past year or so, so leeeet's just forget that ever happened and roll on to Horizon 2, where the 1000-member club might actually have a chance of working well.

In short: Thank you for your interest, but the Forza Horizon 1 club is no longer accepting applications.

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@bifflog: I'm going to miss next week's opener, but I am so in.

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@slowbird said:

Also, I fully endorse/support the manufacturer's championship for BOMBCAR, Ford vs. Chevy. Winner gets free breadsticks. (Note: winner does not actually get free breadsticks.)

You know what? As the apparent President of GBRL and definite Commissioner of the No Fun League, I have to step in. I can't be quiet about this. I have to speak up about this. We have to take a stand.


*They'll be pretty old by the end of this season, hope you still want them

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@mouse said:

If the president of GBRL approves teams, then I'll be submitting requests for a teammate shortly.

You know what? I'm trying to take steps back, but I can't be quiet about this. I must step in on this topic.


Manufacturer championship for BOMBCAR, 2-car teams for Formula Duder. Teams must use similar designs so that it's obvious they're teammates. It's open wheel, after all.

Let the chaos begin.