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I said I'd be streaming this year. I do not lie about matters like that.

My donation page is here.

My stream will be here.

The blog explaining that I'm playing horror games (or something spooky like that) for 24 hours is here.

I start Friday at 9 PM EDT.

I may not survive.

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I haven't written a recap in well over a year. Let's try one of those.

Cue the cat!

  • Open lobbies are OK for actually making the club XP work for once, but otherwise...probably best for us to leave it closed. Too many interesting characters out there! That's being overly kind.
  • Probably too much D-class racing this week, as well! Note to self: Start in a faster car to encourage faster class options.
  • When playing Virus Tag, consider utilizing the Nick Taylor Maneuver: Just drive around the boundary of the map at high speed until the infected realize they've forgotten about you.
  • Post-championship disconnects are annoying, but at least it isn't the memory leak glitch from Forza Motorsport 4...
  • I am willing to host a TEDx talk on how I'm a completely talentless idiot who slams into walls at top speed and utters guttural tones intended to be bad jokes. This is peer-reviewed and has numerous citations.
  • When taking a huge jump with the crown in King, check to see that someone isn't casually rolling over to the very spot you're about to land on.
  • Seriously, don't hit that wall. You know the one.
  • Sometimes Race Night ends with a whimper or a tasteless joke...and sometimes, it ends with a Sandstorm.

Thanks again to everyone who attended, and remember: We do this every week, and we're always happy to have people join us so long as there's room.

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Someday, I'll bring the Race Night cat back for all the Race Notes we need.

@dwigtk said:

@Trace: So what was the issue last night with the Co-op bucket list? Was it only a couple of us could do it at once?

It looks like co-op bucket lists are limited to two people, so while it's possible in freeroam, it basically leads to six pairs or so in an event that requires loading into a separate instance. I was expecting they'd be like the freeroam challenges from Horizon 1, which I found far more interesting.

@amikron said:

Apologies for missing last night, will try to make it next week! Did streaming work out for you guys last night?

Not any better than Forza 5, sadly! The voices of other players still don't come through, and I'm not sure how to correct that or if it can be corrected. It's a pain, and also severely limits the usefulness of any streaming.

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Short notice to mention some stuff for tonight, but here we go:

  • We'll probably run road trips at the beginning, and then later on (say 11:00 or so) I'll switch over to free roam. I found the online co-op bucket list challenges after last week's Race Night in a fit of I-really-should-have-seen-them-on-the-map-already brilliance. We should try some of those challenges this week and see what they're like.
  • I'm going to try and add anyone who's friended me to my friends list to make joining my game a little easier for them. Note that people who quit the club probably will be unfollowed so I can keep my friends list relatively clean. I'm sure that makes some sort of sense, given it's Giant Bomb Race Night.
  • I'll probably also give streaming a shot, since I wasn't able to do that in Forza 5 while using party chat. Don't let that dissuade any of you from streaming if you planned on it; after all, the more perspectives, the better.

See you in about an hour.

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@zzombie13: Sure, whenever you're able to join us is fine! As long as we're not full or done, we're always looking for more.

@dwigtk: No rules whatsoever, feel free to stream! The only reason I don't stream myself is because the party chat is so often not picked up.

...which, come to think of it, isn't an issue with Horizon 2 because we haven't used the party chat system. Huh.

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Switched the pins around. Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help -- I still owe you my streaming overlays, since I never got around to correcting the BOMBCAR overlay's issue with the lap counter.

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@mister_v: You'll go through three full championships before the promoter says it's time to go back to the main festival for the awards ceremony/party. The next day, he'll immediately give you the option to join a club.

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Giant Bomb Forza Horizon 2 Race Night: Hoondown Deux

Starts every Thursday Night at 9:30 PM ET (6:30 PT)

Runs until people get tired (usually 12 AM - 1 AM ET)

Since November 2009, a subset of the Giant Bomb community has gathered to enjoy races and events with like-minded members in Forza Motorsport. From Forza Motorsport 3, 4, 5, and the Horizons, without missing a week, we have come together to be silly in cars.

The Horizon Festival has returned, and with it the prime time Race Night shifts its focus to the world of Europe. Frankly, Forza 5 wasn't going to last forever, anyways, so it's time we roam together, race together, and destroy all other clubs together.

Basically, it comes down to this:

Do you like racing cars? Do you like doing silly stuff with cars? Do you want to do any or all of that with the Giant Bomb community? If so, you should join us.

Hosted by Trace (Peace Egg on Xbox Live).

How To Join

This section is subject to change dramatically based on any improvements made to the Xbox One, especially if the "send an invite to the entire car club" feature returns. I loved that feature.

  1. Follow my gamertag, Peace Egg. You should be able to do this without needing my permission on the Xbox One. Also, you should probably send this on the Xbox One, not the 360. I imagine that helps with making sure the following stuff works properly.
  2. When I start up the private lobby for Race Night just before 9:30 PM, I'll go through my list of followers and invite anyone playing Forza Horizon 2 into a party. This would be a good time to be playing Forza.
  3. If you join us for a week, I'll probably follow you back, which means you can probably jump into Race Night lobbies without needing an invite. Probably.
  4. We'll begin road tripping or free roaming. It'll be great. You'll enjoy it.

The Rules

Our standards are pretty simple, much like Giant Bomb's rules: Don't be a dick. So far, we haven't had any major issues with this, but allow me to elaborate with suggestions that will greatly help everyone's experience:

Don't intentionally crash others during races.

Forza Horizon 2 can handle heavy contact during races, and it's often encouraged, but there's a difference between hard racing and flying into a 30 MPH turn at 180 MPH to take out a pack of cars. Save that for the Drivatar AI.

If it looks a little dirty, no big deal. If you look like you're going to try and murder someone with a vehicle, at least call out Gran Turismo first. Give them some warning.

Be mindful of the voice chat.

With up to 12 people, there's going to be a lot of potential voice chat going on, and it's not always likely we'll be using party chat. Do keep in mind that sometimes I'll ask for race suggestions or someone will try to explain game modes to newbies in the lobby. Chattering over this sort of stuff only delays the fun times. Don't delay the fun times!

In addition, if someone's headset is acting up, most especially with echoes or high-pitched squeals, we'll ask you to try and fix it ASAP, since that almost completely prevents us from communicating with one another. It's highly frustrating. Usually, unplugging or muting the headset until you can deal with it is a good temporary fix if you're in the midst of racing when this crops up.

Oh, and don't snap in TV if it's going to blare through your headset. That's just annoying.

Other Things You Should Know

If you want to join, JOIN.

Don't mull over whether we have enough room or anything. Our fields are full of people with widely varying skills, and as long as you're willing to understand that racing's not always about finishing first, but finishing well, you should have a great time with us.

Plus, XP is delicious. This is a known fact supported by cans of Mountain Dew.

We don't mind if you're late.

Seriously. As long as we have open spots (and we will have open spots), we're looking for people until the end of Race Night. If you can only make it to Race Night an hour in, then you're good. Get in here.

Yes, we're starting a little earlier now.

9:30 PM ET is an hour earlier than we used to race a few years ago. Due to work and aging attendees (myself included), we'd like to get more racing in before we reach an ungodly hour of the night.

You don't need any cars or DLC, but having a car for each class would be nice.

The car suggestion is for your own enjoyment, as earning less money from rental cars is rarely fun.

Have fun! That's what we're here for.

I believe the kids call that hooning.

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@michael_i_guess: @brutushayesosu: @earlessshrimp: @professorreid: @crazybagman: @el_kikoloko: @optix12: @bottleknight: @blu3v3nom07: @moriarty: @exiledastronaut: @mrhaydel: @amikron: @thebrokenpinion: @budgietheii: @darkstar_kop: @bibamatt: @xx_kells: @cdude9590: @brandonpckrfn: @android22: @hatking: @josher14: @yakumo1975: @bigsocrates: @fleabeard: @marcmann2: @admachina: @cbyrne: Sorry for this HyperSpamâ„¢, but since you all expressed interest in the GB car club...

...we're just going to go with what Jeff made for now. It might run out of room, since it's freely open to join, but as of this posting invite-only car clubs are busted as far as I can tell. I have yet to find a single functional screen that allows for inviting by specifically picking names on a friends list or by gamertag, both of which you think would be standards features by now, but apparently not.

INSTEAD: Once you're done with the first road trip (three championships), you'll be given a chance to join a car club. Search for Giant Bomb. Jeff/GiantBombing's club will appear. Join in.

Thanks, and I'm terribly sorry about the confusion. This is what happens when I rush through the opening stages of a game in the latest night/earliest morning. Details were missed on my part.

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Is Jeff's club [BOMB]? Either way, I'll look into the whole deal after work today. There is a chance that invite-only clubs may be stupidly busted anyways, from my experiences this morning, and if Jeff's club is public, there would be no need for a thread like this.