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The Giant Bomb Forza Horizon 2 Car Club

Join the Giant Bomb Forza Horizon 2 Car Club and you'll straight-up murder light fantastics with sick dance moves like these


If you're getting Forza Horizon 2, chances are you'll want a club with like-minded weirdos to roll with around the winding roads of Europeworld. On the unofficial behalf of Giant Bomb, I say...yo. You're already here. If you're a GB member, roll with us.

Joining the Giant Bomb club may have the following benefits:

Possible Benefits

  • [GB] before your name in-game, showing you roll with duders (or confusing random players into thinking you're a patriotic Brit).
  • Shared XP bonuses of some sort, because I keep reading about this in just about every bloody preview.
  • Easier invites to Giant Bomb Forza Race Night, our weekly Thursday night multiplayer romp that hasn't missed a beat in nearly five years.
  • More rivals, and the knowledge that the jerk dominating your leaderboards is probably a Giant Bomb user who may or may not have taken refuge from the sun for just over two months to hone their skills.

Club Requirements

According to Turn 10 and Playground Games, clubs have a 1,000 member capacity. In the interest of making sure we focus on filling the club up with long-term GB users first, I'm setting a few standards.

  • If you're a brand new Giant Bomb user who just signed up to join the club after the game's release, or I get impression that's the only reason you signed up, I'm probably going to wait three weeks before inviting you.
  • Yes, that's a mean rule.
  • No, it's not fair. However, it'll help the long-term GB users get in first, and discourage anybody just looking for a random club to join.
  • To clarify, I'll only apply that rule to anyone who signs up AFTER Forza Horizon 2 is out. If you're already a Giant Bomb user, you're good.

With that warning in mind, here's how to join:

How to Join (Probably)

  1. Play Forza Horizon 2. Forza Motorsport 4 and Forza Horizon 1 required you to play the game before receiving club invites.
  2. Post your gamertag in this thread. Once it's unlocked, naturally. I'm locking this thread because none of you should have achieved step 1 yet.
  3. Wait for me to send you an invite in-game. Be patient -- this shouldn't take long, but the longer Forza Horizon 2 is out, the longer this will take.
  4. Accept the club invite once you receive it.
  5. Enjoy.

In the unlikely event we hit the 1,000 member limit, I will try to find a way to determine who's active and who's inactive. If there's no easy way to figure this out, then the club will be capped, this thread will be locked, and that'll be the end of it.

The Giant Bomb Car Club's Mission

Be awesome. Don't be a jerk. Enjoy the world of Europe. Rep hard, and rep well.

This thread is currently locked until the club's set up by me and ready to roll. It will be unlocked once the game's out, and is currently in place to answer the unasked question of whether Giant Bomb will have a Forza Horizon 2 car club. (In short, yes.)

If you have any questions about the club before then, PM me. I'll answer.

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There are also "Horizon Bucket List" events which appear to have taken the place of the barn finds...

Actually, the full game will have more barn finds than the first. Pretty sure these do replace the sponsor challenges, though.

To quickly run through other questions in here, from my view:

  • This is far better than The Crew in execution, though both are pretty and have good open-world ideas (The Crew might have a more interesting world in the end -- not sure, though).
  • The VIP/car pack $80/$100 versions aren't necessary, though if you have a Forza 5 VIP, the $10 discount on any VIP'd version makes it a little more tempting. VIP's basically a few more free cars and double XP forever, while the season pass is 31 new cars over six months. Whether either are worth $20 in your mind is very much debatable. I never bought into Horizon 1's season pass and was more than happy, though they may bring out wilder cars these days. Double XP's nice -- helps ease any grindy feelings, though I wouldn't fault a soul for thinking that's not worth $10-20.

I...probably should get a car club thread up within the next day or two. Hopefully those won't be a kerfuffle like they were in Horizon 1.

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After two and a half weeks of training, I think we're ready to enter the world of eSports and take on Pro DOTA.

Team Name: Dotes Force 5

Team Tag: DF5



  • Sparklykiss, EDT/UTC-4
  • Ozone, EDT/UTC-4
  • FinalDasa, EDT/UTC-4
  • PatVB, CDT/UTC-5


  • nweasel, CDT/UTC-5 (Coach of the Year, 2014)
  • rshenlon, EDT/UTC-4

We look forward to the tournament!

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Welcome aboard to the three of you! Here's hoping your soul isn't horribly crushed or torn asunder in the first year.

It'll be fine, I swear.

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As much as I'd love to try a full 24-hour race by myself for my charity stream, I've already discovered my racing wheel won't be able to handle that much use in one stint without overheating. Still, I can find a way to stream for 24 hours straight with a combination of other games, so I'm totally in for this.

For the children!

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Where are you seeing these tickets? PAX only uses badges that I've ever been aware for attendees, and as you mentioned, those are completely sold out.

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Fixed that other thread being in the right place, and it seems like a good place to continue any discussion on this ESPN/TI4 partnership. Thanks!

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@mouse: I am personally reeeeeally against the idea of stepping Formula Duder up to the DW12, unless it's incredibly easy to drive, but if that's what people end up demanding...well, can't fight the future, I suppose.

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Yep, it works.

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@mouse: While I'm not entirely against it, I could see that becoming an issue with the other mods as 3-4 threads is kind of spammy for the Recent Topics view, so it's probably best to avoid that idea.