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    Beastcast is bestcast

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    Can we as a society move on from Destiny please, thanks
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    Yes, but will the new spotify scrobble the music I hear in a movie to last.fm? We're not here yet are we
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    Finding PC FPS games more enjoyable on a 360 controller. It just feels... smoother. What's wrong w/ me and when did this happen?
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    Figuring out how to play a bluray disc you bought on a bluray drive you bought is a nightmare. WTF.
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    @r3beld0gg said: Unfortunately he lost me at "I'm going to assume you have the upgraded address disruptor and field disruptor"...I went through this area by area and still no luck. Super stuck right...

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    Playing Axiom Verge at a glorious 144FPS #goodpcports #highframerategaming ;)
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    Why does this existAlso I'm way more excited about this than I have any right to be

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    What a fantastic kickstarter video. I'll be very surprised if this doesn't hit the goal within the next few hours. Also, yay Steam version.

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    I'm confused already. Is the library feature not cross-"platform"? I could see myself using this if all my games were accessible from the same list, but if not, it'll be more convenient to just add Wi...

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    Says it's coming to PC right in the blurb under the video, so that's exciting. @alwaysbebombing said:I said the name of the game out loud and finally got it.I read your comment and started doing the s...

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    When is Persona 4 coming out on Steam?
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    Leto's Joker looks like Marilyn Manson - a perfect fit for the Arham City version of Harley Quinn?
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    Steambux don't put food on the table.
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    Total WAAAGH!This is the most excited I've been over a Total War game, like ever. Hope it turns out great.

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    I wonder if they could make other comic stuff work... Something like Mouse Guard, DMZ, Runaways, Y: The Last Man, Locke & Key, Saga?

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    Liking the game so far. I tried giving DOTA2, LOL and HON a decent chunk of time (10-30 hours each I think) and while I liked the games "in theory" they just never clicked for me. HOTS has a lot of pe...

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    Wait, you can play as the boss and you have to go save the boss? Modders out Saints Rowed Saints Row. #GatoutofHell
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    How do you fix the "There are no public reviews for this product in your language" bug on Steam? #ForcedLocalization