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    Playing The Last of Us Remastered in 1080p/60 kind makes me want the entirety of the last generation remastered.
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    While it isn't FMV, the closest I've played to something like Her Story is Analogue: A Hate Story. If I remember correctly, you investigate a derelict space ship by chatting with the ship's AI, readin...

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    The audio-video sync is way off in this one, worse than usual.

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    Persona 5 better be out in europe this year or I will flip mah shit
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    How is Super 3-D Noah's Ark on Steam the day after I started reading Masters of Doom?
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    Mass Effect 1 is running in a glorious 10 frames per second on Xbox One. #ConsoleMasterRace
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    The absolute best.

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    The podcast "skipping" error talked about at the beginning of the show has been happening for quite some time now actually, but it's usually just that a few words are skipped here and there, and nothi...

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    It's been really hard to find the podcasts. I wasn't even aware of them until someone mentioned it on the livestream. They're apparently listed under "giant bomb presents".

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    Is one of the stretch goals of the Shenmue III kickstarter to replace the VO
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    Man Tekken got weirdIn all seriousness though, I'm kind of glad this exists and hope we'll see move creepy VR "friendship simulators" in the future. I mean slap a Persona 4 licence on top of something...

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    @homelessbird said:I was all "They're making another Bioshock sequel?"Indeed. I thought this was like a stand-alone short story set in the same universe, like a FarCry Blooddragon thing but for like t...

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    Those dead stares though.

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    How do you make a Fire Emblem x Megami Tensei game with zero characters from Persona. Unsold.
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    Bowser and Kong are Skylanders. Yoshi and Kirby are Pokemans. It all makes sense now.
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    Final Fantasy VII Remake? PC or Zero interest.
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    The Witcher 3 made me doubt I would be playing another RPG, at least for the forseable future, but it looks like they're doing a lot of things right with Fallout 4, so I might have to reconsider.The c...

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    Kind of looks like a Doom 3 mod. I might be the worst person for saying that but I dunno. What they have showed, so far, has completely unhyped (dehyped?) me about this one. We'll see how it turns out...

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    Funny - people are freaking out and I can't even remember more than three skills in Fallout 3 & NV worth putting points into
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