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For me, Dragon Age 2 was the biggest disappointment of last gen, followed by Mass Effect 3 with the mess of its ending.

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The soundtracks are generally good sounding, but largely forgettable outside the game for the most part, in my opinion.

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Can tell you what, I really miss the classic Yoshi design.

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Beginning of the end.

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A sendoff from Vinny and on my birthday as well?

I'll try not to cry.

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I'm sick of Zombies in general.

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I can handle the mediocre frame rate, but the fact that enemies have limited respawns is just ruining the game for me on a psychological level.

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No, I wanted the Wii to be an indication that they needed to go back to developing a traditional console. Instead they tried to appeal to two kinds of markets and ended up making a machine that falls short of both. There isn't enough to regain the trust of traditional fans and there isn't anything innovative to hang on to the casual market's interest.

The system's outdated hardware compared to its competitor's is another issue all together.

Shit is really fucking depressing being raised almost exclusively on Nintendo platforms.

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Reading this makes me sick to my stomach. I haven't been paying much attention to Nintendo ever since the Wii was released, but seeing the company whose games I grew up playing in such financial trouble is really fucking depressing.

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