Agh! My Computer!

Man this sucks, my laptop is no more. I was using my laptop last night when it froze, my immediate reaction was to turn it off, this may have been a mistake, I don't know. When I turned it back on I was greeted by the black screen of death. Which at the time I had no idea was a thing, after some googling I came to the conclusion it was my hard drive. I guess it's for the better my computer was getting old. I had to go to my parents for help, I have some money saved up because I'm trying to move out, my parents said they'd give me 300 dollars towards a new laptop as a Christmas gift. I'm lucky though, I had nothing of real importance on my laptop that wasn't backed up somewhere else. I'm disappointed, I'm now going to be stuck with Windows 8, I bought it for my broken laptop but went back to 7 after finding out a bunch of things didn't have windows 8 driver support. The new laptop I've ordered is better in every way except RAM it has 4GB when my old one had 6GB, I'm hoping I can use the sticks out of my old laptop, if not RAM is pretty cheap so I'll just upgrade when I get paid. The thing that saddens me the most is not being able to watch GB videos on something other than my phone.

Thanks for reading. Happy Holidays to you and yours.


The problem with S ranks for me

I play spend a lot of time playing video games. I'm the caretaker for my mentally handicapped brother so I get paid to help him with day to day tasks and a lot of it is done at home. So I spends a good amount of my days playing video games then pausing when ever my brother needs help. I have other hobbies as well, I play guitar (poorly), I have two dogs and I cook.

I currently have 19 S ranks all games I've really enjoyed. Most recently Sleeping Dogs which if you haven't played yet is a fantastic game and you should check it out. I have a problem though, whenever I S rank a game I can I never bring myself to go back and play it. Right now it's bad as I am, like a lot of people, waiting for Tuesday so I can get my hands on Borderlands 2. As of right now I'm completely out of games to play. I tried putting Fallout 3 in and I played for probably about 15 minutes and took it out. I put Saints Row: The Third in went to reinstall to my hard drive and it was about 50% done and I said fuck it and took it out. Then I said "I'll restart Sleeping Dogs" got two missions in took it out put it back on the shelf. Then I put in Persona 4 Arena I've completed the all the stories and went to play online and I suck at fighting games and continually had my ass handed to me. All the games I tried to go back to tonight are some of my favorite games. Also most of the other games I have are games I've enjoyed but they are games I feel that beating once was good enough for me.

I decided to write this at 3 in the morning and I'm super tired. So please forgive me for any incoherent sentences or don't. It's time for sleep.

Also motherfucking #teambrad