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#1 Posted by _Dust_ (38 posts) -

I couldnt get on just now, something about it not updated to the same version as me? :(

#2 Edited by _Dust_ (38 posts) -

I also have experienced a weird problem!

The game was controlling perfectly last but today the face buttons seem to have been changed around? I've tried fresh installs of the game and everything.

The buttons are correctly configured in the GFLW menu but not the game?!

Edit: Stopping the WMI service is what messed up my controls :P

#3 Posted by _Dust_ (38 posts) -

Jeff killed it with his 40 cents :)

#4 Posted by _Dust_ (38 posts) -

October? what the hell!? I may just give it a miss then, my hype for this has been slowing dying. :(

#5 Posted by _Dust_ (38 posts) -

Yeah I dont think I will have any troubles playing through again! Theres a few things I have missed or could of done better already.

This game is so awesome! probably going to end up being one of my all time favourties :)

#6 Posted by _Dust_ (38 posts) -

Yeah I had a dilemma of which thing would be the best to experience the game first, the ER or my own playthrough? I thought It would be best to experience the story first hand and not have it spoiled.

But now a new contender has appeared with the Vita!! >________<

#7 Posted by _Dust_ (38 posts) -

Yeah I'm thinking about just watching the ER up to where I am in the ps2 version and then just holding out until the vita version >_____<

#8 Posted by _Dust_ (38 posts) -

I'm currently in DEEP, watching the endurance run as I play along and eagerly anticipating P4A.

Just hope I don't burn myself out before the definitive version releases :P

#9 Posted by _Dust_ (38 posts) -

I'm about 25 or so hours in on the PS2 version, and I'm wondering if I should just continue or wait to fully experience it with all the bells and whistles on the Vita.

What do you guys think?

#10 Posted by _Dust_ (38 posts) -

I'm playing through Persona 4 and watching some of the endurance run. Getting me pumped for this game! :D

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