Rock Band Guitar

Yesterday was the release of Rock Band 3 here in Sweden. I picked it up, played some and in short, it's awesome. 
But I decided to play with the Rock Band guitar this time around, instead of the many Guitar Hero ones I have laying around. So I borrowed one from my brother (thanks bro!) and began rocking out. 
My first impressions were how much muscle memory is in playing a plastic instrument. It took some time to figure out how big the buttons were, and I am not sure I am used to it just yet. 
But man, this guitar is awesome. The strum bar is different from the Guitar Hero franchise in the way that... well, it doesn't make any sound. It strums very softly, and this might just be personal preference, but it feels like you could strum faster with this kind of strum bar.  
Also, there's solo buttons on the Rock Band guitar, awesome! However, muscle memory restricts me from using these without failing horribly on Expert.  
The whammy bar is there aswell, but the most awesome thing about the guitar is the pickup selector switch. This little extra is way more brilliant then I imagined it would be. It basically gives you the ability to switch between four different effects, Chorus, Wah-wah, Flanger and Echo. These effects come in to play when you go into Overdrive, and will add some sick effects. 
Sweet. Can't wait to play more tonight.

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Hell yeah!

Last night was teh start of the Swedish Elitserien, AIK against Linköping. AIK got crushed, which was great to see. 
Tonight is the first game of my favourite team, Djurgårdens IF, against the team they lost against in the finals last year. I do hope they win. 
Also, today is the release date of NHL 11 here in Sweden.  I can't wait, but I suppose I will have to. Won't stop work until at 8PM.  

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Tough months ahead.

A few tough months ahead for a hockey lover, indeed. 
This past year has been a great year for hockey. I've followed the Swedish Elite League (Elitserien), the NHL and we've such great tournaments like the olympics and the world cup of hockey. 
But for now, I'll have to wait until the middle of September for the Swedish Elite League and the beginning of October for NHL. 
Tough months ahead, indeed. 
I guess I will have to spend my time with NHL 10!

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Quests - and BC2

So, these new quests are kinda cool. Will have to go and look at them further tomorrow. 
Also, just finished the BC2 singleplayer, and it was good. Don't know if I prefer the first BC singleplayer or this one, but damn, they were both real enjoyable. Played a few minutes of multiplayer (One test run to see what it was all about that got stretched into several runs) and I must say that it was awesome. 
More awesome then MW2? I would say so, yeah. But it's impossible to make that assumption after playing the MP for just a few minutes. I have a good hunch, though.

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First Impressions : Battlefield 1943

After a rather shaky start for Battlefield 1943, I have finally begun getting into games (and not getting disconnected from them mid-battle) and I must say I enjoy it – a lot.  However, the game still suffers problems with connection, and the problems seem far from resolved.

The game is your regular Battlefield game, reminding a lot of of Bad Company, as it has the same destroyable buildings and other stuff to blow up. You have the ranks (not certain of how many there are) to level up, but they do not give you any other rewards then the thrill of leveling up. You also have your various other rewards such as ”Capture thirty flags” and ”Get twenty melee kills”.

The game has three classes, the rifleman (equipped with a regular rifle and also some sort of grenade appendix for said rifle), the Infantry (sub-machine gun and a rocket launcher) and of course the sniper guy, equipped with his trusty sniper rifle (and a kickass sword if you’re playing the Imperial Navy). You also have a selection of light ground vehicles, tanks and planes. You also get the occasional bombing raid, which you call in from certain stations placed on the map.

There’s currently three maps to play, all in the pacific part of WW2, which means that battles are fought between the US and Japan. A fourth map will be unlocked for play once the community together has reached a total of 43 million kills.

As a first impression, there really isn’t that much more to say. If you love Battlefield, then chances are you will love this cheap lil’ game.  Expect a review in the coming days, when I can actually get the game flowing again, as it seems to be quite stuck at ”Searching for games” at the moment.


Week of Gaming - Week of ...well, last week

So basically, since I am too tired to write reviews at night, and at night is when I feel like doing it, I decided to just share a few words about games I have been playing throughout the week, and also give a lil' rant about games which I want, but I don't have yet. So, here goes:

Played Games

World of Warcraft (Trying out a PvP spec)
Throughout all the years I have been playing World of Warcraft, I have never had a pure PvP spec. Last night I wrote personal history by spending some of my unneeded Emblems of Valor and saved up honor on getting me some pieces of a PvP gear set for rogues, and also a couple of daggers, trying out a mutilate spec. I have been heard saying that I would NEVER, EVER become a mutilate rogue, but I guess I am kind of stuck of it. It's fun killing people fast in BG, and that's that.

Eternal Sonata
A game which I never really got into when I bought it (due to playing it too late and really not understanding any of the simple game mechanics), but after playing it some this week I can really see myself playing more of it when I don't have another pile of games waiting.

Fable II (With DLC!)
Downloaded some DLC for Fable 2 since it was cheap last week, and boy, I had forgotten how extremely beautiful this game is! It consumed some days of my week, and I have to say that it was money well spent on those DLC's. Fun things to do and some new achievements, can't get better. However, back to its ordinary pricing now.

Call of Duty : World at War
A game I really thought I could get into, but I just can't. I really enjoyed the Russian campaign until I had to get into those damned tanks (which I guess went okay eventuallly), and the Marines campaign is just assy. I know I've read that people call this "World of Grenades" or something like that, and man, it's too true. I mean there is barely any chance of avoiding a dozen grenades when standing in a narrow trench. Seriously. And crazy bastards running with bayonets isn't doing the whole thing easier. Though, the feeling is still great and the game in itself isn't bad, it's just so goddamn tedious at times. And I still haven't tried out the multiplayer (tried out the beta back in the days, but none of this real action), but I guess I can get into that when done with the singleplayer. IF, I get done with the singleplayer.

Upcoming Purchases

The Sims 3
Dude, I want this game badly. I'm gonna be a lazy-ass clerk, playing guitar in his free time, and gonna become a rock-star, yo! Come to think of it, sounds like me for real, but I guess I don't have a job. Bummer.

Battlefield 1943
This looks really good, and I have never disliked Battlefield multiplayer, so only good things can come out of this. Hope to pick it up next week, and maybe then it will be part of my weekly gaming rant.

Well, I've had thunderstorms all day, which has kept me off the internet quite a lot, but I hope that wherever you are, you have the perfect weather and a good week, so, laters. DUDE!


What have I been up to?

Who cares.

I have been submitting a lot of stuff today, not much else to do when you have a sore throat and is generally ill. But it actually has stopped hurting that much now, and I can live through it. Even though it is 1.30 AM, I'm fine. SERIOUSLY. Hoping to get a lot of lovely points for what I've done. Not done yet, still have some things to add to be completely complete with that project, before the next project starts.

I have also been preordering some games:
Fable 2,
Far Cry 2
and Final Fantasy 13. All for the 360.

In other news...Uh. Completed Battlefield:BC on hard, which is the hardest difficulty. Going back to Multiplayer where I am..Rank 17 or something? I'm a captain at least. Hope you guys are enjoying Giantbomb as much as I am, and that the summer is lé awesome. (FUCK YES, Can finally do apostrophes without getting some "Balls, your HTLM is incorrect").

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