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I'm asking around to see if my regular crew wants to play - it sounds really cool! :)

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Tried doing this in both 2012 and 2013, but never got around to it. This year will be different! I've also joined the Giant Bomb team, hoping to help out.

I'll probably be doing a playthrough of Bully, and then perhaps some multiplayer games with friends. Probably Dota 2.

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Neat. Might actually go play this now!

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Aw crap!


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I might be away on vacation during this, but if I am not I would love to join in! My PSN ID is BaconHorde.

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Ryan Davis, you were great. Thank you for everything.


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I really, really liked San Andreas. The customization options and stuff like that made it for me. I also liked GTA IV a hell of a lot. But, give me any GTA game and I'll play through it with joy.

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Fishing like a crazy person and hanging out in Club LOL. It's gooood to be the mayor.

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Yes. A lot of people are very angry about something they don't have to buy.

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I "played" through it, and I must say that they are doing an interesting thing. Thanks for bringing this forth!