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I never played it on PC, but I'm getting the PS4 version.

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This is very sad news. My thoughts go out to his family.

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Either spicy brown or English mustard, depending on what it's going on.

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30 minutes door to door on the subway.

I'm thinking about moving back to Manhattan though where I'd be closer.

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RPG - Ultima VI

JRPG - Phantasy Star 2

I don't know if I can choose just one of each, so here's two of my favorites.

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Mine's not that long (about 30 min), and I mostly just read my kindle. I had a roommate who commuted from Brooklyn to the north Bronx and she took up knitting on the train.

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Matthew Rorie: The Game


Ends on June 26.

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I like Mario Kart 64. It was also the first one I had played.