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All the best, Patrick.

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I feel really guilty not having Octodad on my list so for what it's worth...

11. Octodad - Dadliest Catch (PS4)

Just play it.

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Finally finished my top 10 games of the year here.

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@jonny_anonymous: Same. Got it pre-ordered on PS4. Trying to stay cautiously optimistic.

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@awesomeusername: I was gonna include Alien: Isolation but I'm just cautiously optimistic about it. I hope it's great but I've seen so little I wonder how it will play as a full game over just a 15 minute demo that people seemed to have enjoyed. Haven't heard of the other two. Will read about them now.

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@claude: Embarassingly I've never played Shattered Memories. May try and correct that soon.

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@frustratedlnc: I agree that once you die it kinda ruins the experience. One thing I hated about Tomb Raider; when I failed a QTE I would see Lara die, then the game just restarted the sequence to give me another shot at it. Hated it. Whereas in Beyond:Two Souls the game would adapt if you failed a QTE and continued regardless. Loved this apporach as I never got pulled out of the experience.

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@mason20: P.T certainly plays way better than you would expect from seeing videos. Glad I played just after seeing the first trailer at Sony's conference as there was still plenty of mystery and that fear of the unknown is what really freaked me out playing it. My fav horror experience for a very long time.

Until Dawn looks interesting but I'm always wary of these games where everyone can die and you are encouraged to play multiple times. Makes me lose interest quickly. I think The Evil Within looks fantastic. Especially as RE4 is one of my fav games of all time. Can't wait to play it in October.