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@baillie: That was the only thing that was a chore for me. Loved all the other side stuff but that was awful. Yeah you're right there's definitely loads in the Riddler stuff leading to the tracks.

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All the best, Patrick.

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I feel really guilty not having Octodad on my list so for what it's worth...

11. Octodad - Dadliest Catch (PS4)

Just play it.

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Finally finished my top 10 games of the year here.

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@jonny_anonymous: Same. Got it pre-ordered on PS4. Trying to stay cautiously optimistic.

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@awesomeusername: I was gonna include Alien: Isolation but I'm just cautiously optimistic about it. I hope it's great but I've seen so little I wonder how it will play as a full game over just a 15 minute demo that people seemed to have enjoyed. Haven't heard of the other two. Will read about them now.

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@claude: Embarassingly I've never played Shattered Memories. May try and correct that soon.

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@frustratedlnc: I agree that once you die it kinda ruins the experience. One thing I hated about Tomb Raider; when I failed a QTE I would see Lara die, then the game just restarted the sequence to give me another shot at it. Hated it. Whereas in Beyond:Two Souls the game would adapt if you failed a QTE and continued regardless. Loved this apporach as I never got pulled out of the experience.