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Wow I didn't even notice that, good eye.

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I was hoping this game was going to be awesome, looks like it is.

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I'm in. PSN ID: IxGunMonkeyxI

Tourney matches won: 6

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Wow good job guys, I missed this one, congrats to the to the victors.

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@FluxWaveZ: I bet beating Elizabeth felt so good.

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Say hello to Soki.

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This is looking good, It's this game that's making me get a Vita finally.

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@FluxWaveZ: Yeah just a jest, I wouldn't want you to ban yourself. I enjoy watching you fight.

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Good job Fluxwave! You should ban yourself at your next tournament though because you're to good.

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@aznjon12: I am curious on how you came up with your team name, what was your inspiration?